1% Thursday: The Personal Migraine Fighter Plan (PMPG)

Readers of HeadWay will already be familiar with this one, but I thought it was about time to introduce it to all our 1% Thursday readers!

The Personal Migraine Fighter Plan (PMFP) is a way to gently improve your diet and fight migraine.  It’s a way to personalize your diet, and introduce more good foods while eliminating more bad foods.  But instead of using a rigid, blanket diet that’s supposed to work for everyone, it’s customized and flexible.

I won’t describe it all here – check it out in the edition of HeadWay from December – The Personal Migraine Fighter Plan!

What is 1% Thursday?

1% Thursday

Every Thursday at Headache and Migraine News (weather permitting) we’ll talk about one measurable, practical thing we can do to make our lives just 1% better.  Usually it will be something very easy, sometimes it will be a challenge.  Let us know if you try it, or share an idea of your own – and maybe a year from now we’ll see that things have really changed for the better!

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