10 Headache and Migraine News Highlights from the past 3 Months (August 2017 edition)

Here we are again – it’s time to see the posts that have been most popular with our visitors over the past 3 months. Here they are, with the most popular first (in case you get absorbed and don’t make it further down the list!). Also, the three in bold were the most popular on Facebook.

  1. The Low Tyramine Diet for Migraine – Is it time to rethink it?
  2. New Migraine Medication Ready to Apply to the FDA for Release
  3. Pulsed Shortwave (Electromagnetic) Therapy For Headache Pain
  4. New Drug-free Device for Migraine Tested
  5. Migraine and TMD: A Complex Relationship (that should not be ignored)
  6. Yes, it matters which Magnesium supplement you use…
  7. Earplugs for Weather Migraine?
  8. More Positive Results from the CGRP Migraine Treatments
  9. New Study Suggests that Botox is working for Chronic Migraine, but …
  10. In Search of a Simpler Botox Treatment
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