10 Headache and Migraine News Highlights from the past 3 Months (July 2017 edition)

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  1. New Migraine Medication Ready to Apply to the FDA for Release
  2. Migraines and Blue Light – Or Maybe Green Light…
  3. The Low Tyramine Diet for Migraine – Is it time to rethink it?
  4. Back to Sleep: Simple Lifestyle Changes to Fight Chronic Migraine
  5. Pulsed Shortwave (Electromagnetic) Therapy For Headache Pain
  6. New Device Approved by FDA to Fight Cluster Headache (video)
  7. Restless at Night? More Links to Migraine…
  8. Migraine because your Weight isn’t “Normal”?
  9. Warning Signs of Migraine in Children
  10. More Positive Results from the CGRP Migraine Treatments

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