10 Headache and Migraine News Highlights from the past 3 Months (September 2017 edition)

It’s time to take a look at your favourite posts from the last three months! The most popular posts are first, but the posts in bold text had the most “likes” on Facebook.

The clear winners this month included a new study on glutamate levels – showing once again that migraine patients have biological differences even when they’re not having a migraine attack. And, a look at electromagnetic therapy.

  1. The Low Tyramine Diet for Migraine – Is it time to rethink it?
  2. Glutamate Levels Higher in People with Migraine
  3. New Drug-free Device for Migraine Tested
  4. Pulsed Shortwave (Electromagnetic) Therapy For Headache Pain
  5. Earplugs for Weather Migraine?
  6. More Positive Results from the CGRP Migraine Treatments
  7. Serotonin Syndrome: Are Triptan Users Really at Risk?
  8. In Search of a Simpler Botox Treatment
  9. Could Stress Levels Predict Migraine Attacks?
  10. After My Headache: Migraine Postdrome in Children
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