10 Highlights from the past 3 Months (August 2014 edition)

What have other people been reading over the past three months?  It’s time to catch up – here are the most popular posts, with the most popular of all coming first.  Join the conversation!

  1. Neck Pain: A Missing Piece of the Migraine Puzzle?
  2. Will Botox Work for You? A New Clue in Your Blood…
  3. Will new Migraine Med fight Obesity and Diabetes?
  4. Are Migraine Patients “Visually Impaired”?
  5. Cluster Headache: Seasons and Temperatures
  6. Hemicrania Continua: Is Melatonin an Alternative to Indomethacin?
  7. Getting a Headache right after Drinking Alcohol?
  8. Topamax not working? Here’s a Possible Alternative
  9. Using Migraine as an Excuse
  10. The Surprising Secret to being more Active
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