10 Highlights from the past 3 Months (December 2014 edition)

Here are the posts that have been most popular with your fellow readers over the past three months. This is a great way to catch up on the migraine and headache conversation! Hopefully we can look at some of the major conversations of the year in the days ahead.

  1. A Migraine Mystery (You’ll never guess this one…)
  2. Sleep Apnea and Migraine – Comments from You!
  3. Is Your Brain “Slower” During A Migraine Attack?
  4. Stabbing Headache – Could it be MS?
  5. The “Revolution” in Migraine Treatment (Dr. Peter Goadsby)
  6. TRPV4 and “Switching Off” Headache Pain
  7. Standard Blood Tests for Migraine – are they on the way?
  8. The Battle.
  9. Using Migraine as an Excuse
  10. Topiramate + Nortriptyline (and another reason why treatment is not simple)
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