10 Highlights from the past 3 Months (June 2013 edition)

We got into some very important topics over the past three months.  From simple awareness issues (such as which medications may cause weight gain) to more in-depth discussions (notice the 2-parters on ginger and histamine).  If you missed any of these posts, take a moment to check out the ones that interest you.  If you think someone you know would find the information useful, pass it on…

  1. Migraine: 7 Things to Know NOW (especially if you don’t have migraine yourself)
  2. Miracle Medication helps 3 in 10 Migraine Sufferers!
  3. Can you kill Migraine Pain with Ginger instead of Triptans?
  4. 5 Migraine Aura Myths
  5. 5 Migraine Medications that may cause Weight Gain
  6. Ginger and Sumatriptan: More Information
  7. Is this why we’re not getting better treatment?
  8. Migraine and Histamine: Part 1
  9. Migraine: Will a Hysterectomy Help?
  10. Migraine and Histamine: Part 2
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