10 Highlights from the past 3 Months (March 2014 edition)

No time to read every article on the site?  This is where you find articles from the last three months – the top 10 with guests to this site.  Catch up on the latest!

The most popular come first…

  1. A Migraine in (animated) Action
  2. “Proof” that Headaches are caused by Stress?
  3. Vitamin D: An important Migraine Treatment?
  4. Ibuprofen: Dangers of a “mild” medication…
  5. What is Triptan-Overuse Headache?
  6. The Hidden Ingredient in Your Painkillers
  7. Pop, Soda, Soft Drinks – the Headache Connection
  8. Does the Smell of an Onion Trigger Migraine?
  9. Why Spitting it out could Stop Headache Pain
  10. Tinnitus (are you hearing things?)
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