10 Highlights from the past 3 Months (October 2014 edition)

Neck pain, Topamax, Stevia, surgery, and much more!  These are the most-visited posts from the last three months.  Join the conversation!

  1. Neck Pain: A Missing Piece of the Migraine Puzzle?
  2. Topamax not working? Here’s a Possible Alternative
  3. Is it Migraine or Lupus?
  4. Complex Confusional Migraines
  5. Using Migraine as an Excuse
  6. Having Trouble Seeing “Up Close”? Just can’t focus?
  7. Standard Blood Tests for Migraine – are they on the way?
  8. Vasculitis: When Your Body Attacks Your Blood Cells
  9. Migraine Surgery – Should it be Banned?
  10. Is Stevia giving me a Migraine Attack?
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