10 Highlights from the past 3 Months (March 2016 edition)

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a great weekend! Here are the top posts from the last 3 months – check out the ones that interest you. They are listed with the most popular first, but the posts in bold type had the most likes on Facebook:

  1. Daith Piercing for Migraine: Resources and Updates
  2. Migraine Brain Attack: Just How Serious Is It?
  3. Teva Pushes Ahead with New Migraine Treatments
  4. Daith Piercings: A Case Study in Comments
  5. The Secret of Wireless Migraine Relief
  6. They Hated Swallowing Pills, Until . . .
  7. Nose Powder for Migraine? Why Would I Want That?
  8. Headache After Eating? Common Causes and Fixes
  9. Is Your “Targeted” Migraine Painkiller Worth the $$$?
  10. MS and Migraines: New Research
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