Another Option for Adolescents with Migraine

Children and teens with migraine tend to have fewer options when it comes to approved medications for migraine. But this month in the USA, the FDA approved a new abortive medication – a pediatric version of Treximet.


Treximet (adult version)

We’ve talked about Treximet before – it’s a combination abortive drug, containing sumatriptan succinate (Imitrex) and naproxen sodium (Aleve). But the approved medication for 12-17 year olds will have a lower dosage than the adult version – 10mg of sumatriptan and 60mg of naproxen sodium (the adult version is 85mg/500mg).

Although it’s great to have another option, there are concerns that may put Treximet lower on the list of things to try. As a combination medication, it may be more powerful, but there also could be side effects from either medication. And although it is certainly convenient to take a single pill, you might want to check and see if one or the other medication will work just as well – and check the difference in price.

Of course many medications have their special “selling points” that they will promote. For Treximet, it’s “RT technology“, which helps the tablets disintegrate and absorb faster. It’s a possible advantage over a generic sumatriptan.

Everyone is different – talk with your doctor (and insurance company!) and keep track of your symptoms.

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