Are Sex Headaches Dangerous?

Before we get into the details, here’s the bottom line. If you are experiencing sex induced headache, and you haven’t seen a doctor, you need to do so right away.

Now that that’s clear, let’s go into more depth. Are sex headaches dangerous?
Are sex headaches dangerous?
In some cases, sex headaches can be dangerous. But if we’re talking about a headache that is a sign of something life-threatening, most sex headaches are not putting you in immediate danger.

If you have ever experienced a massive headache upon climaxing, you know that life-threatening or not, a sex headache can be quite a serious interruption to life and intimacy.

The headaches most commonly related to intercourse are classified as primary headache associated with sexual activity. Why “primary”? A primary headache is diagnosed when the headache (and/or related symptoms) are primary – that is, there is no apparent underlying disorder that is causing the headache. For example, if you are hit in the head, the headache is secondary. If you have a blood clot leading to headache symptoms, the headache is secondary. This is not always a clear and easy differentiation.

These sex headaches are also commonly called orgasm headaches. You may experience a massive headache upon climaxing, or a headache that increases along with sexual excitement, or an abrupt headache that “explodes” just before orgasm.

These headaches are probably not life-threatening, but again, you need to see a doctor right away.

What causes sex headaches? If it’s a primary headache, there are several theories. The headaches may be a response to pressure in the head or problems with the circulation system. There may also be biological problems in the body’s neurological system, leading to hypersensitivity and wrong signals being sent chemically.

However, there is a much more serious cause of sex headaches. Many people ask about headaches during sex and exercise, or they ask – are exertion headaches dangerous?

Some headaches may be cause by fluids leaking from around the brain and spinal cord (a CSF leak). In this case, the headache may increase with a change of posture. With proper tests and treatment, a CSF leak will usually go away in time. Without proper treatment, there can be serious complications, such as swelling of the brain.

There are other headaches which can be brought on by exertion, which have an underlying cause. Aneurysm, stroke, and brain tumour are examples. Other danger signals are headaches that get worse over time, that come with other symptoms (for example dizziness, visual problems, a change in behaviour, seizure, or nausea), and headaches that start abruptly.

But remember, these things can be very difficult to diagnose. Some serious conditions can show no symptoms at all, while some very severe symptoms may be a sign of a disease that isn’t life threatening and can be easily treated.

Either way, a new headache or a change in symptoms should be warning enough to get to a doctor and spend some time investigating.

Is there a cure for sex headache? That will all depend on the cause or diagnosis. There are excellent treatments for most kinds of sex headaches, but as with any headache disorder it can take time to find what works for you.

If you’re struggling with sex headaches, you can be hopeful that you can find good treatment and leave them behind. But they are never something to be ignored.

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