Communicating with your Doctor (Blog Carnival)

It’s time for another great edition of the Headache and Migraine Disease Blog Carnival. Of course I encourage you to head over to Somebody Heal Me to check out all the articles, but let me highlight a few that are especially helpful (besides my own regarding children with headache or migraine).

The topic was communicating with your doctor, so many of these points were general tips for preparing for an appointment, what to say, and so on.

Some great tips over at rhymes with migraine (I’m cheating and getting a two-for-one on this one, because she also links to helpful articles at My Migraine Connection). For someone working with chronic headache or migraine, the question is Does your doctor know what you do at work?

More quick tips here for Improving Communication Between Patients & Doctors. More common sense points about How To Talk To Your Migraine Doctor

Last year an issue of HeadWay talked about this issue as well. Read How to talk to your doctor.

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