Delayed Food Allergies – One Specialist Speaks Out (videos)

We recently talked about food allergies and migraine.  Here is an example of one physician who has seen a lot of improvement in patients with various illnesses.

Dr. Daniel C. Dantini is a fibromyalgia specialist in the United States.  He has studied what he calls "delayed food allergies", and their relation to various illnesses, including fibromyalgia, autism, and migraine.  Through his work he has helped to develop one type of testing based on Immunoglobulin G (IgG).

In the first video, Dr. Dantini talks about the challenges of food allergy testing, and how he worked to develop something he feels is better.  The second video promotes the work of the Sage Medical Laboratory with a testimonial of a migraine patient.  Finally, a part of a promotional interview on the food link.

I’m not posting this to promote Dr. Dantini’s particular methods, but he does have some helpful things to say and does give us an example of some of the clinical work that’s being done.

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