Diet Changes to Fight Migraine and Headache? (poll results)

What changes have you made to your diet in order to fight migraine and/or headache?

That was a recent poll question here at Headache and Migraine News. As it turns out, 80% said that they had made some changes to their diet.

Of those, 64% said that they had made significant or major changes. Of those, 20% had made drastic changes, and had tried a very restrictive diet.

Here’s the breakdown:

Diet changes to fight headache and migraine?For information and resources, check out Migraine diet, which lists some common approaches. diet headache migraine: Simple and easy food choices gives a general list of some of the common offenders and possible headache-fighting foods. For more thoughts on diets, read Do “Migraine Diets” have this in Common?

Finally, check out The Headache and Diet connection, which has reviews of some popular migraine and headache fighting cookbooks.

Now, be sure to participate in our new poll!

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