Do you get a headache after you exercise?

So it’s time again for those New Years resolutions, and you’re thinking about exercising more. But wait! Every time you do any intense exercise (ie the kind your doctor says you need) you get a headache soon afterwards. So should you just try to write more letters this year instead?

No, don’t give up on the exercise idea yet. But do be cautious if you’re having problems. We have a new article on the after-exercise headache, including a link to a very helpful article by Dr Trisha Macnair. The article lists a few more possible causes of headache brought on by exercise, underlining the fact once again that you should see a doctor if you start getting headaches for the first time.

Exercise is just so beneficial that you shouldn’t let anything get in your way – especially a headache.

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  • srimali senn Jan 27, 2016

    I played tennis after many years in early morning, I have been doing other types of exercises such as walking swimming, aerobics, badminton etc.

    My felt nausea and later developed it to a headache. I have migraine headaches, articles were helpful, I will continue playing, see what happens, very useful article.

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