Double vision caused by migraine?

double vision

French President Jacques Chirac’s recent visit to the hospital led to a lot of speculation.  Supposedly he had been the victim of a "vascular accident".  Apparently migraine was involved (which doesn’t tell us much!) and we know his vision was affected.

A lot of things can cause vision problems, besides a "vascular accident" (which could indicate a small clot near the eye).  Double vision, for example, can be the result of several types of migraine.

For example, Basilar migraine can cause double vision.  Hemiplegic migraine, known for causing paralysis on one side of the body can do the same.  Sometimes migraine can only affect they eye, with no pain at all.  These migraine attacks are often called eye migraines.  Ocular migraine can cause double vision, and so can ophthalmoplegic migraine (most often diagnosed in children, and now often not considered true migraine).

In rare cases, sinusitis has been known to cause double vision.  There are many other conditions – stroke, thyroid problems, and other diseases that can do the same thing.  It’s wise to check with your doctor to rule out some of the more dangerous causes.

Meanwhile, a recent poll shows that 51% of the people in France don’t believe they were told the truth about Chirac’s condition.  We can only guess.

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