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  1. BJ Krisher
    19 December 2011

    I’ve been on Topomax for the second time. First time in 2008 and now again in 2011, I feel I have more side effects this time but I’m taking it with Verapamil and Inipramine. Exercising when I can. I have other physical issues that make exercising difficult. My husband and I go to a gym (I go when I can). I was migraine free for a year and a qtr and then they came back with a vengence so went back on same meds I was on in 08. My body has changed since then and I feel I am more sensitive to meds now. Now sure how well they are working we I don’t know if I want to try going off of them and then having to start over going up on the doses. It’s sure a “Catch 22″ situation.

  2. Karen Hilton
    25 February 2012

    Like BJ above, I am back on Topamax (Topiramate) for the second time. First time started in 2006. I went off of it last year. My neuro and I had both read the same study which indicated that those with weather related migraine like me were having success on Diomox. So I tapered off Topamax and went on that. Living in the Northwest, the barometer jumps quite frequently ~ unfortunately. I was on Diomox for 6 months of hell. During this time, I began walking for exercise. I hadn’t been able to for a long, long time due to knee issues. Had my knee replaced and once that was healed, the walking began. I’ve been walking now for over two months. And I have been back on Topamax for just about 3 weeks, gradually building it back up into my system. I have to agree that we need to find a balance between the right medication and exercise and alternatives. This disease can’t be put into a box where one thing works for all. It doesn’t. With me, physically I feel better now that I am able to walk and get some exercise. Has it helped with my migraine? I think at this point, it’s really too early to tell since the Diamox was such a complete failure for me and I haven’t been back on the Topamax long enough to tell. Time will tell I guess.

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