FirstGiving and the Migraine Research Foundation

Thanks to all of you who have given in the past to the Migraine Research Foundation. One of our methods of giving here has been through FirstGiving, a peer-to-peer fundraising site.

We have raised US$515 through FirstGiving, and, as I understand it, hundreds more directly though the Migraine Research Foundation.

Due to changes at FirstGiving, we will no longer have a community page there. However, you can still give directly to the Migraine Research Foundation, and I encourage you to do so as a part of your regular giving.

Here’s a recent message from the president of the Migraine Research Foundation:

Right now, a migraine sufferer is rushing to the ER, calling in sick to work, cancelling something important, or trying another in a long list of drugs.

Millions of people will struggle through these moments every day until there are effective treatments for all sufferers. They need your help now.

We couldn’t sit by, waiting for science to catch up. So this year, in addition to our seed money grants, we launched the MRF Impact Award, a new funding initiative that recognizes the urgent need to impact treatment now. We gave our first Impact Award to Project Status Migrainosus, a cutting-edge study to help sufferers of this severe form of migraine that lasts longer than 3 days. We stepped up to fund this $250,000 project because if we didn’t, it would never happen.

Our researchers are working hard to find better treatments. Your donation makes it possible. Help sufferers get the relief they need now by supporting migraine research. Please make your tax-deductible gift today.

As always, 100% of your gift will go directly to fund migraine research.

With warmest wishes for a happy and pain-free holiday season,
Cathy Glaser, President

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