HeadWay (You didn’t miss it)

If you subscribe to the ezine HeadWay, you may be wondering if you missed the January issue. No, you didn’t. I decided that, this month, discretion is the better part of valor, and I have had to cut back a bit on my regular writing (temporarily, I hope!).

But I’m looking forward to a new edition of HeadWay in February!

HeadWay (first issue)

The first issue of HeadWay (2003)

If you’re not aware of HeadWay, it’s an ezine that’s been published almost monthly for almost 13 and a half years. HeadWay keeps you updated on headache and migraine news topics, usually in a more in-depth way. It also helps define common terms that you’ll see when learning about various headache conditions.

Topics covered over the years include “off-label” medications, how to prepare for an emergency, evaluation of supplements, how to talk to your doctor effectively, menstrual migraine, combo drugs, vertigo, inexpensive treatments, and much more.

But there’s another benefit to subscribing to HeadWay. Subscribers are like a special executive committee here – they have their own special mail room which they can use to submit thoughts and ideas that influence not only HeadWay but online articles as well.

So if you’re not one of HeadWay’s 10,000+ subscribers, why not subscribe today? It’s free!

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