Highlights from the past 3 Months (January 2013 edition)

It’s been busy – so here’s your chance to catch up!  These are the articles that have been the most popular with guests to this website over the past 90 days.  The most popular posts come first.  Take a moment to check out the ones that interest you the most!

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  • Leah Watterson Jan 24, 2013

    no doctor has actually even been able to figure out what kind of headaches i get?? it’s definately nuroralgia kind ,,,,but someone all mentions temporal arteritis? And they say i’m too young to have that…..:…now i will tell u how my head goes and i would seriously like some feedback please or anyones thorts. ………………….i only ever get pain on the right side of my head near my temple,my eyebrow always moves up on its own ..(people just say i look optimistic lol) i cant control that…if i have those drops in ya eye that numb it,my eyebrow comes instanstly down……weird hey??….and i feel as tho a screwdriver is stuck in my head,it never moves….i get swelling there on my temple area now too for months now,,,,i put an ice-pack on it and that feels nice……cos my head feels like there’s a hair-dryer stuck in one spot,phew and it feels like its burning heat……

  • Julie Hindle-Cushen Jan 25, 2013

    I have a similar thing on my left temple/eye area Leah. I have been diagnosed with chronic migraine (hereditory). All I can do is take imitrex for it.

  • chris Jan 28, 2013

    People who have common temporal migraine should look to relax their corrugator (frowning) muscle and temporalis ( jaw control – chewing, bruxism) and reduce nitrate and nitrite intake as a starter.

    The problem with triptans is rebound headache/migraine and more worryingly exacerbating fluctuations of blood pressure by vassoconstriction and the relationship of that fluctuation to stroke – see the work of Professor Peter Rothwell at the Oxford Stroke Prevention Research Unit regards bp fluctuations and stroke.

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