Important Announcement – Fight Migraine with the MRF!

For the past few months we’ve been helping to support the Migraine Research Foundation in their goal to fight migraine.  Thanks so much for your interest in the excellent research that’s going on because of the MRF.

Knowing what a great community of people we have here, I’ve taken a risk – gone out on a limb – and created a new page where we can show our support for the MRF.  Thanks to FirstGiving, we now have a page where we can give to the MRF easily.

It can be $1 – or $1000 – whatever amount you want.  But now’s your chance to give back – to fight migraine – in a real and practical way.  Let’s make sure that our children won’t suffer from migraine the way this generation has.  In fact, let’s find solutions that will help us in the near future!

Would you stop what your doing, and give to the Migraine Research Foundation?  It would mean a lot to me, and to them.

Fight Migraine with the MRF

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