Magnesium and Calcium

Magnesium is a great migraine-fighter.  Whether it’s taken by injection in the emergency room, or taken daily as a supplement, or simply through a healthy diet, it’s great for "steadying" the function of your nerves and muscles.  It also encourages normal sleep patterns.

In your body, magnesium and calcium balance each other out.  This is why you’ll often see calcium/magnesium blends, at various ratios, in your drugstore.  Having too much of one or the other can cause an imbalance.  But if you’re taking magnesium for migraine, this is not what you want to buy!  Instead, get about 400mg of magnesium by itself to take daily.  If you are taking a calcium supplement, simply take it at a different time of day, so that it won’t interfere with the migraine-fighting properties of the magnesium.  In other words, it’s ok to take both, just not together (for migraine).  This is especially true because your magnesium may be low to start with (read more about magnesium here).

This tip from What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Migraines by Dr Alexander Mauskop and Dr Barry Fox.  You can read my review of Dr Mauskop’s book here.

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