Migraine and your chromosomes

Researchers are learning more about what causes specific migraine symptoms, such as headache and sensitivity to light.  Yesterday researchers from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Queensland, Australia announced that they had discovered chromosomes that are responsible for specific migraine symptoms.

A chromosome is a string of DNA and related proteins.  Researcher Dr Dale Nyholt hopes that the discovery will eventually help to develop diagnostic tests that will quickly differentiate migraine and other related diseases.  It’s also another step toward developing more specific treatment for migraine, and even various types of migraine.

This was based on a study of twins, something the QIMR has done a lot of.  Read more about the projects that QIMR is working on here.

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  • Bruce Oct 16, 2015

    That’s so cool. My auras look almost etalxcy like that. They really freak me out like I’m having a stroke or something; but then I’m okay though a bit woozy. My auras are also a lot like when the sun reflects off of something and hits you in the eye and then you have a weird-shaped blind spot for a while. When that happens to me, I always get a worried feeling that migraine is going to hit but then the blind spot quickly goes away (and does not spread) so I know it was just the sun flash.

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