Pushing Ahead with Migraine Research

The Migraine Research Foundation just announced their research grants for 2015. Every year, new research is funded through the MRF, and every year new discoveries are made which help migraine sufferers all over the world.

FirstGiving Migraine Research Foundation PageLast year’s research included such cutting edge science as the investigation of calcium channels, especially relevant for those with hemiplegic migraine. Using melatonin as a preventative, genetic studies, unique intranasal medications, and much more.

This year five more grants were given, thanks to people like you who have donated to the MRF. Research includes further investigation into biomarkers that will help develop new treatments, unique abortive treatments and even the relationship of traditional Chinese medicine with migraine treatment.

You can help with research like this, which is making a practical difference to migraine patients around the world! If you’re in the USA, you can give to the MRF here, and get a tax-deductible receipt. If you’re outside the USA, encourage others to give by giving at our MRF community page at FirstGiving.

By the way, the Migraine Research Foundation’s operating costs are already covered, which means 100% of your donation actually goes to migraine research.

Thanks for your help!

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