migraine trigger

Every once in a while headlines go flashing around in the media that give a completely wrong impression.  For example, I’ve recently seen these headlines: Migraine triggers may not cause severe headaches Report: Migraine triggers may not be so potent Migraine “Triggers” May Not Cause Migraines After All What impression do you get from these […]


Triggers: Not Just Food! (by a long shot)

by James on 12 September 2012

It seems that, most often, when people talk about triggers they’re referring to foods that trigger a migraine attack.  But our latest poll shows that food is not the only trigger – in fact, it may be a ways down the list! Triggers: Weather? Pollution? Travel? #1 Trigger: Weather full third of those who voted […]


1% Thursday: Caffeine Levels

by James on 12 May 2011

Many doctors will tell you to cut the caffeine when looking for migraine triggers.  But did you know some doctors see things a little differently? I’m not suggesting you ignore your doctor – cutting caffeine is a great thing to try.  But there’s something else you might want to try – that is, levelling your […]


Splenda – migraine trigger?

by James on 24 July 2007

Splenda is a newer artificial sweetener also known as Altern.  Along with thousands of other food and beverage products, Splenda contains sucralose.  It was approved as a food product in many countries through the 1990s. Being newer, it hasn’t taken the beating the aspertame has, when it comes to questions about its safety.  And, being […]