Migralepsy Symptoms

by James on 30 March 2013

With migraine and epilepsy being so common, could the two be combined in some cases?  What are true migralepsy symptoms? Migraine and epilepsy are not only both common (meaning both may just happen to occur in the same person, without necessarily sharing a common cause), they share a lot of symptoms in common, and they […]


Do I need an EEG?

by James on 22 August 2007

Having an EEGPhoto courtesy of zwolleAn Electroencephalography, otherwise known as an EEG, is a way to measure the electrical activity of the brain (sometimes called brainwaves, though this is not technically correct).  Sometimes headache and migraine patients have EEGs done.  Should you? If you’re hoping to positively diagnose your migraine or headache, and EEG probably […]