Splenda and Migraine revisited

by James on 7 October 2008

There was a lot of interest in the previous post on Splenda as a migraine trigger.  Splenda is now celebrating 10 years on the market – but is it something to celebrate? Before we revisit the topic, here’s a sampling of the comments (read full comments here): I’ve been using Splenda for everything for the […]


Splenda – migraine trigger?

by James on 24 July 2007

Splenda is a newer artificial sweetener also known as Altern.  Along with thousands of other food and beverage products, Splenda contains sucralose.  It was approved as a food product in many countries through the 1990s. Being newer, it hasn’t taken the beating the aspertame has, when it comes to questions about its safety.  And, being […]