The Migraine Quiz

Are you looking for a gentle way to let your friends know a little more about migraine?  Does it seem like they just don’t understand, but you’re tired of trying to explain?  Then send

The Migraine Quiz

them over to the Migraine [sensitivity] Quiz.  Let them see for themselves just how sensitive they are to a friend or family member who’s a migraineur.

It’s a short quiz – only 15 true or false questions.  At the end, they’ll get a score, and have a chance to learn more.  But I think they’ll find they’ve already learned a lot!

My only request is that you link to the introductory page, and not the quiz itself.  That page is located at:

Feel free to copy the graphic above and use it on your own site.  And remember – fair’s fair – feel free to take the quiz yourself!  No, you don’t have to tell anyone your score (unless you got 100% and want to rub it in)…

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