The Reader’s Choice Awards

Reader's Choice Awards

Sure, I can tell you what books I like.  But I’m only one person – what about you?  Hundreds of people visit here each day – what books have you found helpful and informative?

Well, wonder no more.  Thanks to the Reader’s Choice Awards, you can always see what books are the most popular among our visitors.  There are currently three categories – general migraine or headache books, food related migraine and headache books, and other related migraine and headache topics.  When you visit the Reader’s Choice Awards page, you’ll see what is currently the most popular.  Then, you can add your voice to the chorus by voting on which book you like the best!  As the votes roll in, the page will be updated when new books reach the top 3.

This concept will also allow me to make note when I’m talking about a book that’s a "Reader’s Choice", and it will bring to light books that I can review in the future.  So not only will you be able to tell us which books you like, you’ll be introduced to books that others like that perhaps you’ve never considered.

So click the graphic and give us your opinion!  Then check back in a few weeks to find out if your pick is moving up the list.

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