Two new bronze medals

No, it’s not the Olympics.  Two new bronze medals have been awarded at the Reader’s Choice Awards.  Thanks for your feedback!

First, in the category of General Migraine or headache books is Heal Your Headache: The 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain by Dr David Buchholz of the John Hopkins University School of Medicine.  The book is based on various ways to accomplish three basic steps for fighting headache – avoiding the "quick fix", reducing triggers and raising your threshold (for example using preventative medication).

The other bronze is awarded in the category of Specific migraine and headache topics.  The book is The Magnesium Solution For Migraine Headaches: The Complete Guide To Using Magnesium To Prevent And Treat Migraines And Cluster Headaches Naturally, by Dr J S Cohen.  This very short book (only 64 pages) with the looooong title details how magnesium works in the body and how it can be used to prevent migraine and clusters.

Has your influence been felt?  If you have a favourite book, drop by the Reader’s Choice Awards page and leave your opinion.  It counts!

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