Want to take a Peek at New Migraine Research?

The Migraine Research Foundation recently announced the recipients of their latest grants.  Want to know what aspects of migraine are being researched?  Here’s a peek into the cutting-edge research that’s coming up…

  • Inhibitory transcranial alternating current stimulation is a noninvasive treatment passing specific electrical currents through the skull.  How effective is this type of treatment at killing a migraine attack in a chronic migraine patient?  Drs. Andrea Antal and Walter Paulus will be looking for the answer.
  • How can we use genetics to fight migraine?  We know that migraine has a genetic link – but to this point that knowledge hasn’t led to major treatments.  Dr. F. Michael Cutrer will be studying genetic clues in a family with migraine.
  • Researchers are always looking at totally new approaches to treating migraine.  New medications based on these approaches could help patients that haven’t been helped before – or could be more effective for patients being helped partially.  Dr. Michael S. Gold will be investigating the use of calcium activated chloride channels in migraine treatment.
  • Migraine remains one of the most misunderstood of the world’s major disabilities.  Jacki Ochs and Susanna Styron of the Human Arts Association in New York are working on The Migraine Project – A feature length documentary designed to increase awareness and understanding of migraine for a world-wide audience.

For more on the latest migraine research, and to find out how to support it, visit The Migraine Research Foundation.

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