World Cup migraine fears

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There have been many people throughout history with migraine that have been very successful.  But that hasn’t cured them of the fear of an attack at a critical moment.

Just ask Freddie Ljungberg, a major force on the Swedish team heading to the World Cup.  On his way to Germany for the event beginning in June, he wonders what impact his migraine attacks may have on his World Cup dreams.

Ljungberg’s attacks are rare, but so bad that he can’t play when he has one.  With a lot of games scheduled in a short period of time, a slight disadvantage could knock out a team in the early stages.  There are some warning signs, some things he can do to cut down the likelyhood of an attack.  But as we all know, migraine is very unpredictable.  He’s been to all kinds of doctors and other practitioners, but the problem remains.  The only good news is that he hasn’t had a problem with stress triggering an attack.  But when an attack comes, Ljungberg says, it’s 10 days before he’s back to normal

As you watch Sweden play, remember how mercilessly unpredictable migraine can be, even for successful athletes with the best care.

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