1% Thursday: Buy or Make an Eye Pillow

Buy or make an eye pillow to give you a cool, dark place anywhere.

I’ve been a fan of eye pillows for a long time.  For most types of headache they’re a wonderful, natural way to lessen your pain.

First, they block out the light in a way that few other things can.  They lay over top of your eyes, fitting over the contour of your face, and block out every bit of light (if they’re well made).

Also, they can cool your head, soothing the front part of your face.

I particularly like a silk flax seed eye pillow, which is cool, has a nice scent, and lays nicely due to the fine material and small seeds.

With some material you can make these your self, or you can also buy them for a few dollars.  Some have added scent (just a little – I prefer lavender for headache and migraine), some come with a strap to go around your head.

I did a review on eye pillows here, and link to some I recommend.  But there are a wide variety available if you want to browse for your own style of eye pillow.

What is 1% Thursday?

1% Thursday

Every Thursday at Headache and Migraine News (weather permitting) we’ll talk about one measurable, practical thing we can do to make our lives just 1% better.  Usually it will be something very easy, sometimes it will be a challenge.  Let us know if you try it, or share an idea of your own – and maybe a year from now we’ll see that things have really changed for the better!

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