A better Fish Oil for Migraine?

We’ve talked before about the benefits of fish oil.  Omega-3 fatty acid is popular enough today that there are a lot of brands out there.  But sometimes I’ve found it hard to find something that’s good quality.

For example, some have low amounts of EPA and DHA (two key ingredients in fish oil).  Others don’t list the source of the oil (just where did this come from??).  Others are packed with impurities.  Some have a strong fishy flavour and smell, and cause fishy burps long after you’ve taken them.

i-omega premium fish oil

A while ago I was reading about a new fish oil supplement that looks quite promising.  I didn’t have time to follow it up, but when I noticed a sale on this brand at vitacost.com, I thought it would be worth mentioning to you.

i-omega premium fish oil is a concentrated and purified fish oil.  Because it packs such a punch, it’s a smaller capsule, making it easier to swallow.  Two small softgels contain 528mg of EPA and 278mg of DHA – a total of 806mg.  Three capsules would give you 1209mg, a common dosage for migrainuers.  The odour is minimal or non-existent.  It even contains an anti-oxidant blend.

I will be trying i-omega premium fish oil, and I’ll let you know how it goes.  But I wanted to mention it to you while the sale is still on.

Take a closer look at i-omega premium fish oil here.

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  • Emily Aug 27, 2010

    James: any information on omega 3 sources for those of us with fish allergies?

  • James Aug 28, 2010

    Excellent question, Emily. I’ll have to look more into that. We talked in the other post about olive oil, which contains a different kind of omega-3. Also, flax oil. I’ve tried to incorporate both into my diet. The question is, are these as beneficial as fish oil? But if you have an allergy to fish, that question is mute.

  • Ann Sury R.N. Sep 30, 2010

    Could you please address the fact that Fish Oil, Salmon, Sardines and any fish I eat results in a Migraine Headache???? Thank you.

  • Kay Sep 30, 2010

    iOmega cheaper here at this site where I get most of my products http://www.iherb.com/DSM-i-Omega-Premium-Fish-Oil-60-Capsules/17999?at=0

    Can you tell a differencew after taking this product?

    Have you also seen news about cayenne and MSM helping with pain?

    I have also recently found out about PharmaGABA and 5HTP which has helped.

    I started having migraines after an accident almost 2 years ago. I have daily head pain and am always seeking ways to keep it manageable, so I can funtion in my teaching job. I cannot take conventional meds, nor do they work on my particular situation.

    I really appreciate your newsletter ahd helpful advice. :}

  • Candace Oct 1, 2010

    Byron Richards, nutritionist and author of “Mastering Leptin” says that DHA is the more helpful part of fish oil, and that too much EPA gets in the way of the DHA getting into your brain. The fish oil i-omega has twice as much EPA as DHA. EPA is mostly a blood thinner.

    I had never been able to tolerate fish oil before I used Byron’s Daily DHA, which has 5 times as much DHA as EPA and no mercury. It has 500 mg DHA in 2 caps. I got bleeding under the skin of my arms, nosebleeds, and diarrhea with every other fish oil I tried. I would advise migraneurs to look at his website Wellness Resources if they have had trouble with fish burps and bruising using high EPA brands. I cannot say if Daily DHA helps migraines yet, as I have only been using it a couple of weeks.

  • Michelle Jun 20, 2014

    I’ve suffer with Migraine Assioated Vertigo for 2 yrs, I get chronic tightening headaches every single day off my life . I’m taking Amitripyline 20mg in the day and differant supp.lements too, but I still get mild headaches neck pain all day. Does Amega Oil help with headaches at all ! Thank you

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