A Patient’s Thoughts on Precision Tints

After yesterday’s post on precision tinted lenses I thought I’d share with you an email I received earlier this year from Shauna in the USA.  She had read a post here on precision tinted lenses and decided to investigate further.  Here’s what she wrote:

Precision Tints Investigated...

Thanks for your article where you mentioned precision tinted lenses. Because of researching info in that article I found a solution to my MOST frustrating migrine trigger, 24/7 light sensitivity! I have Scoptic Sentitivity! In the US the source for precision tinted lenses is the Irlen Inst. Founded by Helen Irlen. I took the light sensitivity and headache self tests on www.irlen.com and answered every question yes! The tinted lenses that I now have (contacts!) are life altering!! Even my balance and depth perception have been corrected! My migraine specialist had never heard of it and was at a loss to explain my chronic eye pain, etc. Thanks so much!

Glad you’ve found some relief, Shauna!  Hopefully your comments will help someone else. 🙂

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  • Stephanie Jun 21, 2011

    On my eye doctor’s recommendation, I started using rose tinted lenses. We have very harsh flourescent lights in my office. I have reduced the lights in my own little cube as much as possible (my co-workers call it the cave) but I have to leave the cave every now and then. I have found the rose lenses really have helped reduce my eye strain. My doctor explained that the rose lenses tends to reduce the “flicker” of the flourescent bulbs that my brain can see. I am not totally without headaches, but every little reduction is one less headache. Also, I learned that my eyedoctor will re-do lenses within 90 days or so of getting the glasses at no extra charge. So he told me if I ended up not liking my tinted glasses, I could always have them redone.

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