Anti-inflammatory Juice

Recently in the free ezine HeadWay, we’ve been talking a lot about diet. In particular, sources of vitamin D, juices and smoothies, and anti-inflammatory foods.

Anti-inflammatory juiceVery often a key component of headache-fighting diets is simply more fruits and vegetables – especially more green veggies.

Here’s a video to show you a quick and easy recipe for anti-inflammatory juice. Yes, there is good science behind this. However, a caution. I would drink this with a meal, or else turn it into a smoothie, thus hanging on to the fiber. Slowly using smoothies to add nutrients to your diet is a great migraine and headache fighter. Quickly adding a lot of juice, and so a lot of sugar, can do the reverse.

With that being said, this recipe is packed with great headache-fighters, and is a fun place to start.

Do you have a great anti-inflammatory recipe? Share it here!

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  • Mary Wolfson Oct 19, 2016

    I watched your video and I was disappointed to note that several of the ingredients in your ‘Anti-Inflamatory Juice’ are big no-nos for migraineurs. All citrus, which includes pineapple, lemon, etc. is known to be a trigger for many. Also green apple and even spinach have been implicated in having trigger powers for many people. I think you should think through what you advice and look at the many side effects. This reminds me of a ‘migraine seminar’ I went to years ago given by two so-called headache doctors. They put out chocolate brownies for the refreshments. I don’t know whether that was stupidity on their part or whether they intended to get people sick so they would run right over to those doctors for help. Just sayin . . .

    • James Oct 19, 2016

      Thanks for your comment, Mary!

      And great story about the chocolate brownies. 🙂

      It’s very difficult to mention any kind of food without it being a trigger for someone. Green apple and spinach would be a rare trigger – in fact, there is a lot of evidence that spinach in particular may help migraine patients. Citrus is more common, but sometimes it’s fine in small amounts (you’ll notice my disclaimer about drinking this with a meal, and in moderation).

      Many triggers may actually be “protectors” in moderate amounts, as a part of a balanced diet. And what may be a trigger for one, may actually be helpful for someone else.

      Chocolate is certainly a legendary trigger, but some research is suggesting that for many people it may not trigger attacks – but in moderation may actually help alleviate symptoms.

      Your advice should remind us – keep track of your symptoms and triggers, and know what is a “no-no” for you. And whether it be citrus, chocolate, or spinach – if you eat it, don’t eat it all day every day!

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