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  1. Diana
    21 March 2011

    The other thing I’d mention in this discussion is that we know that untreated migraine attacks can become worse over time and more likely to morph into chronic migraine. So one of the best things we can do is seek treatment, preferably with triptans, if we’re someone who experiences occasional migraine attacks.

  2. Fiona
    23 March 2011

    Now, something that worked like a miracle for me, after all my pain and agony, after fearful nights and analyzing and reanalyzing finally something that actually helped me after I got the migraine.
    I started taking MAGNESIUM supplement 500 mg everyday.
    But the discovery of this miracle element came in one night when I was sick with cold and I decided to miss the supplement thinking I was already pumped enough medicine in my stomach. I hadn’t gone the doctor so I was just taking paracetomol and a syrup that helps in cold. I landed up taking this syrup just before sleeping and that caused acidity and got me the migraine. I was scared shit in the night, first I have cold and soar throat and here comes the monster. Then I saw my MAGNESIUM supplement on the table. I was in the aura phase where I had started to get numbness in my hands and face. I decided I had enough of this migraine bullshit, jumped over the bed ran to the kitchen for some water and just popped in one pill of MAgnesium. Then I prayed.
    Here is what happened in the next 5 min, the numbness vanished and head did not get heavy. After 15 min I felt very slight pain on the right side of my head…..but that was it. I This pain was very very mild and I could only feel it if I moved my head. I slept peacefully.
    I did not have to call in SICK. I was thankful to GOD that finally I have found the cure to my migraines.
    STRESS, ACIDITY all deplete MAGNESIUM in your body and if you are sensitive to this drop you suffer migraines.
    I hope no one ever has to suffer a migraine after reading this article.
    Live a HAPPY and PEACEFUL life, include MAGNESIUM in your diet

  3. Aurora
    28 March 2011

    Oh yes, migraine is dangerous when it is the only thing that rules your life and you can’t do anything about it. I once had a session with my GP and the only thing he could offer was a Kleenex. Everytime i had an attack, I thought it was the end, I would never wake up…I am sticking with Magnesium (took away the nausea factor in my attacks) and gluten free diet (made the attacks milder and fewer). But the issue that I am coping with right now is my sleeping pattern. After so many years of sleeping abnormally or not sleeping at all because of migraine headaches, my circadian clock is now in shambles.

  4. morgan stone
    31 May 2011

    i use magnisium and muscle relaxers and it seems to help my doc told me bought magnisium when i was pregnant becasue they got so much worse it helps alot dosent take them away but they get mild evrey person will be diffrent w what helps i find that much dosent or it just makes it easier to get threw the day there is a new migraine med on the market threw a doctor i will get the info and share it

  5. raine
    8 March 2012

    hi! i am a 19 yrs old with this so called migraine! it really sucks! add the fact that im working on BPO Industry as Customer Care Rep. and getting only at least 4-6 hours of sleep! i consider my self lucky when i got at least 6 hrs! my attending physician told me not to drink coffee and chocolate! because it triggers my migraine? ****! i think this is all crazzzy and stupid. i am too young to be restricted for these stuffs. that’s why i hated this scrap Pain!

  6. demi
    11 December 2012

    thanks for sharin this in such a clear way :) i lyk it. good job

  7. MJ
    18 December 2012

    I have been having headaches off and on now for about the past 2 weeks. I have been doing research on the internet to have more knowledge about this issue. Ok so my question is I am on Bystolic (a blood pressure medication) 10 mg which that is one of the side effects, but I have been on them for a while, and now all of a sudden I am getting headaches. I guess I need to know when should you see a doctor to determine if they really are headaches or something else? I have no other symptoms such as vomiting or upset stomach. I have been under a lot of stress. I did call my doctor to let him know I was having heachaches and asked him what I could take over the counter, he didn’t seem to concerned. So where do I go from here? Please I will take any advice to help these go away. Thank you

  8. toni dopkosky
    22 January 2013

    i dont get the severe headache but i get the eye migrain with the aura.i lose my sight for at least AN HOUR its very scary. ive been under alot of stress during the holidays and the sessions have been more frequenf. i went to a specialist today and found out what they are for the first time.iv been getting them for about 50 yrs and no doctor could diagnose it correctly.i finally know what ive been dealing with all this time.so now i can go on from here. there is no cure i know of just deal with it.

  9. Daniela
    19 July 2013

    I do have chronic migraine for years – so lucky to have couple to a few days with no headache a month some months not so lucky …
    Chocolate or coffee do not trigger my migraine but stress and atmospheric pressure yes…
    I try to not let this terrible pain take over my life but some times it is not as easy
    All medication I used are becoming obsolete in about a year as my body becomes resistant and my physician needs to find a replacement
    To give you a little hope: I started an acupuncture treatment bout 2 moths ago and for the first time in ten years I had about 2 weeks with NO PAIN…(after a month and a half of 2 session of an hour and a half per week ) so you can try this if you do find a good acupuncturist.

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