Aura Eye Symptoms – Have You Seen THIS?!

Migraine aura can be a lot of things, but aura eye symptoms, or specifically visual disturbances, are what most people think of when they think of migraine aura.

Aura eye symptoms - many varieties!

These visual auras typically last only a few minutes, and come right before the headache phase of the attack (if there is a headache phase – see migraine headache aura).

But these aura eye symptoms can vary drastically from person to person.  Here are some of the types of aura that migraineurs have described, from Migraine Art: The Migraine Experience from Within:

  • Uniform flashes of light
  • bubbles
  • clouds
  • splotches
  • specks
  • dots
  • zig zags
  • crosses
  • herringbone patterns
  • geometric shapes (polygons, rectangles, triangles, etc)
  • arcs
  • fortification patterns
  • angled or star-shaped sphere
  • curved shapes
  • circles
  • spiderwebs
  • lattices
  • veinlike shapes
  • nets
  • checkerboards
  • grids
  • tunnels
  • spirals
  • kaleidoscope shapes
  • mosaics

This is a very simplified and incomplete list.  For one thing, patterns may be a combination of the above.

It should also be noted that these hallucinations may be moving.  Most often they will grow over the course of a few minutes.  The hallucinations may also move with your eye movement.

Also, there are complex hallucinations, such as seeing numbers and letters, or even animals, people, and imaginary creatures.

There are also changes in perception that go far beyond these kind of aura eye symptoms – such as the perception that things are closer or father away than they appear.

We’re only starting to understand why these migraine auras take place.  A part of the answer is the cortical spreading depression, a spreading storm of lower activity and hyperactivity that tends to be a part of the migraine chain-reaction.  When the storm reaching parts of your brain that relate to vision, at least some of these types of aura eye symptoms occur.

These disturbances are telling us more and more about what migraine is.  But in the mean time, the answer for most people is to treat migraine as a whole.

If you have new symptoms, or your symptoms change, that’s the time to talk to your doctor.  Although these aura eye symptoms may be an indication of migraine, they may also be related to other conditions.

Be sure to talk to your doctor who knows your medical history, and give her as much detail about your symptoms as you can.

Have you experienced any of the above disturbances?  Or some not listed?  Tell us about them!

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  • Heather Jun 27, 2012

    I get a jagged-edged, undulating flashing circle that starts as a speck and then grows. I’m tipped off it’s about to happen when I look at a face and can’t see half of it. It lasts thirty minutes and then the headache starts. I can even see this aura with my eyes closed in a dark room.

    Strong and lasting deja vu is sometimes a warning sign as well, the day before. The sensation will last over several moments. I’ve also had the odd sensation that I was coexisting side-by-side with a dream world that would reveal itself if I opened a door or could “notice” well enough. That one freaked me out until I realized it was a neurological symptom of migraine.

    • Rueth Feb 13, 2016

      That’s what I always got, only now I still have the visual disturbances but the headache is nowhere near as strong. Sometimes I’ve even had visual disturbances following only a mild headache. I find it strange but am delighted that I rarely have a full blown migraine anymore. I have to be careful of flashing lights and bright lights such as visiting the dentist. I wear sunglasses in summer and have flux installed on my computer. Controlling the light I am exposed to cuts down on migraines in my case. Maybe it’s all related somehow.

  • Katrina Jun 28, 2012

    I sometimes have flashes of little stars. But more often I have the “Alice in Wonderland” feeling of either being too big or too small (supposedly Lewis Carroll suffered from migraines so perhaps he had experienced this). Kind of goes along with the change in perception: things being too close or too far away.

    • Kate Sep 5, 2013

      Katrina-I have temporal lobe epilepsy with symptoms exactly as you describe. I have migraine aura’s as well. Please have the perception/distortion symptoms checked out! As if in a dream state, comes on in an instant, too big/small, too close/far away, too loud/quiet. It is rather unnerving. Good luck to you!

  • Claire Jun 28, 2012

    Ever since I was a very young child, I get visual aura with about 10% of my migraines. It starts with a tiny “blind spot,” which when I realize that it means aura is starting, makes me feel quite anxious and depressed (I call this “down the rabbit hole;” I think Lewis Carroll might have experienced the same thing?) This begins to flicker, very intensely, as bright as the light from arc welding. The edges have very sharp points that undulate and flash and grow. Gradually the shape spreads and changes, sometimes C-shaped, but also can be round, oval or geometric. As it grows, the central area is grey-out, blurred and “empty.” This is present whether my eyes are closed or open, whether the room is dark or light. Eventually, after 30 minutes or longer the bright flashing jagged patterns spread to the edge of my visual field and I’m left feeling wiped out, almost like I’ve been to a workout (but not in a good way), and my vision is dazzled and strange. The migraine then follows.

    • Tracy Moosse Jan 9, 2013

      This is my aura described exactly. when you first see the dot, you star to panic, have cold sweats and a sense of dread because you know what is to follow.

    • Nicole Jan 18, 2016

      Hi, this is exactly what I get, mine usually last about 20 mins and I’ve had it about 6 times, first one was in July 2015. So I’m averaging 1 a month. What do you do about it? Is there any treatment? Thanks in advance.

      • jeremy Nov 8, 2016

        What’s always worked for me is taking children’s motrin. Adult motrin in pill form works too, but childrens motrin activates faster since it’s liquid

  • Vivienne Yates Jun 29, 2012

    just recovering from yet another migraine. yes, i do see this type of visual disturbance…

  • Chrissy Snow Jun 30, 2012

    I have the aura BEFORE I get the migraine, and sometimes during it gets worse. Makes the nausea worse as it messes with my equilibrium.

  • Ask Atiya Jun 30, 2012

    ryt now recovering yet another migraine…..really its too painful….:'(

  • Debra Jul 6, 2012

    I have zig zig, colorful lightening, black spots tunneling inward, and cloudy vision ‘aura’ 30 minutes to an hour prior to immobility, wishing I can just “sleep it off.” Sometimes have a tingling on one side of my face and head. Always left eye pain in my temple with every heartbeat. At least I know it’s time to prepare the ice pacs, meds, get still, quiet, and in a cold dark room.Tried almost every med available in the past 30 years. Mine last sometimes 2 to 3 days even on beta blocker and topamax. Once the vomiting starts, off to the hospital! It’s discouraging to come home from the hospital and STILL have the headache. When the migraine pain is gone I am left feeling like I have a hangover. Botox injections helped in mid ’90’s every 3 months. My neurologist has just turned me over to pain management now.

  • Paula Kemp Jul 6, 2012

    When I get migraines, I get flashing lights in the centre of my vision that starts off small and get’s bigger, It is usually in my right eye only and once the vision returns that’s when the pain arrives. Just before I get the visual aura I get the feeling that my arms are not part of my body – a very strange feeling.

    Very occasionally when I am experiencing the visual aura I get tingling and numbness that spreads, once was from the tip of my nose to my throat, I thought I was having some sort of stroke then!, but I have also experienced it in my finger tips going from one finger to the next.

    It would be interesting to know what causes the tingling.

  • Pat Aug 1, 2012

    When I was a baby (while still in the cradle) I used to see a cascade of multicoloured stars falling down like a waterfall. I thought this was “normal” (I didn’t have the headaches then) until my teenager days when the nausea, vomiting and headaches started and the auras changed to golden zig-zags, blind spots and a half visual field filled with water. During adulthood it changed to a moving pattern, faces changing into other faces or geometric figures changing into other geometric figures. I still have them particularly when lying in bed and they get worse when I close my eyes (I have horizontal nistagmus when lying on my back). Now that I’m older : ( and experiencing abdominal auras and paresthesia, I sort of “miss” the eye symptoms 😮

  • Ursula Aug 1, 2012

    I get a single small psychedelic coloured zig zag , like the symbol for a lightning flash, that gradually splits into several more zig zags, that grow and move in a floating fashion in my peripheral vision, gradually covering all but a small dot of vision in the centre of my eye. Sometimes in one eye only, sometimes both, and visible with eyes both shut and open.

    They reach a peak after about 15 -25 minutes, then disappear slowly. Once they are completely gone the headache starts immediately.

    I’ve had the zig zag aura on it’s own for about 15 years, but only began having the headaches as well about 6 months ago.

    • Dawn Apr 14, 2014

      I am starting to get an odd zig zag lightening arch. It lasted about 15 minutes. This has happened at least twice in the last month. I see it when I close my eyes. Then it fades. I do not have a headache at these occurrences.
      I saw that you too had this for 15 years before getting headaches.
      My question is; do you make an appointment with a regular medical doctor or the optometrist?
      Thank you.

      • Heather Apr 15, 2014

        I know you didn’t ask me, Dawn, but migraine is a neurological condition: You would want to make an appointment with your primary care doctor to 1) make sure it’s nothing else, especially if you’re older, and, 2) they can be a decent front line to getting you treatment, or establish a medical history. Good luck!

        • Bernie Jun 16, 2014

          Dawn-I have the same exact symptoms and have had these for about 15 years as well. No headache, and I usually feel fine afterwards even though it is an unnerving experience! One learns to live with them and mine are very sporadic…sometimes more than one a week, sometimes only one every 2 months. No clue as to what triggers them.

          • Steven Verburg Apr 12, 2016

            I get the same. It is actually pretty cool, but has always annoyed me. I am glad that I know other people are experiencing this as well. It is annoying when you can’t work or see when going on, but sometimes I just try to enjoy the cool colors. Usually takes about 15 minutes to pass. I will try to see if it is related to a headache. Never thought of that before.

        • Clare Jul 30, 2015

          Dawn I have just had the same.. It went straight to the doctors. She wanted me to go to the emergancy department. I didn’t go I’m hoping that it’s nothing to serious.
          I have had a dull headache at the front of my head now. That started after the gold zig zags.

          Fingers crossed mine is a one off.. If not does anyone know if there are certain triggers ??
          Kind regards

  • Aurora Aug 5, 2012

    My usual aura is a flashing light like small firecrackers exploding in front of my eyes. Sometimes blue-violet blobs when I am in a dark place. I also had a few episodes with negative scotoma (the blurred part being in squares). I also have seen checkerboards; doors rolling out like carpets! My earliest recollection of auras when I was a teenager were rounded lights like the stars on van Gogh’s Starry Night. I did not tell anybody because I was afraid they might think me weird.

  • Kevin Nov 8, 2012

    I get a big aura in the middle of my eyesight and then the migraine, which will last for more than a few hours. My doctor told me to take Ibuprofen as soon as it starts but it just has no affect. Sometimes I go to sleep for about 4-5 hours and hope it has gone away. It seems to work most of the time but not always. I am only 23 and it is a big nuisance for me I don’t know what to do.

  • Heather Nov 10, 2012

    Kevin, it sounds like you need to be referred to a doctor that understands that migraines are different from headaches!

  • Colette Nov 13, 2012

    I have had this twice in the last month I am under an enormous amount off stress. This is the perfect image which is hard to describe to anyone. Could anyone tell me a little more to help me

  • Marty Nov 29, 2012

    Mine unfortunately is persistent visual Aura – Patterns aren’t pretty or colored – purely “visual snow” similar to what you might see on an old B&W TV with poor reception. Have been battling this for 5+ years with a team of specialists. Testing (to date) picks up nothing abnormal. Visual acuity, particularly at night is awful. Migraines that I get appear to be independent of the aura – get migraines on average 2x a month.

  • Kellee Dec 17, 2012

    I’m lucky in that I have very mild migraines in terms of pain. However, my visual problems are sometimes bad enough that I can’t drive to work or have trouble walking without holding onto something. If I can close my eyes, I feel nearly normal. If I can’t, I never know if I can trust what I see. Are the lights really flickering? Are things really scampering across the walls and floors? Did I really see a hippo in our woods? (turned out that last one was definitely a hallucination, thank goodness.)

  • Joan Kirkby Dec 19, 2012

    I see a spinning translucent circle a couple of hours before I begin to feel the onset of a migraine. I used to have about 2 migraines a week but in the past year it has diminished to 2 a month. I am not sure why – I have been trying a number of different approaches.

  • Chris Jan 2, 2013

    Mine are zig zag patterns that start as a very small strobe-like pattern. The zig zag lightning eventually covers all of my vision and then the headache pain starts. Usually this aura last 30 minutes or so. Sometimes I don’t get a headache after the aura, but don’t usually chance it and almost always take meds at the first sign of aura. Hopefully some day they’ll find a cure for the aura.

  • Debra Jan 7, 2013

    My neurologist started sending me to a Pain Clinic due to chronic migraines back in July. His botox treatments didn’t work any longer. The Pain Clinic first tried Myobloc injections and a Cervical Faucet Block due to disc injuries. The migraines continued. He added Percocet 10/325 mg. 3 times a day as needed. It helped, but migraines and vomiting continue at least three days a week. I have a neck injury from a car wreck with a lot of neck pain and muscle spasms the dr. believes could be starting the headaches. I told him I thought it was stress and weather changes causing them. Last week he changed my meds to methodone twice daily(I hate that – makes me sleepy.) At onset of migraine, spray SUBSYS 200 mcg under my tongue. IT WORKS!! Headaches gone within minutes!!! No quessiness, no vomiting, no ice pacs, going to bed in total darkness and quiet. I think I’ve found my cure for migraine with aura.

    • Rebecca Ridgeway Apr 11, 2017

      Hi Debra. My daughter just experienced these frightening eye symptoms yesterday and it was so scary. Could you tell me what is SUBSYS spray mcg and how or where to get it? Thanks so much..Rebecca

  • Barry Jan 16, 2013

    I haven’t had an Aura in 19 weeks now with a self help treatment that I created. If interested, e-mail me…Barry in Pa.

    • Nicole Jan 19, 2016

      Hi Barry, how do I contact u
      Regards nicole

  • adelissa Oct 13, 2013

    I get what looks like small bubbles like when you blow bubbles and they travel up just like a floating bubble. I usually get a full symptom migraine every 4-6 weeks but will have half a dozen or more silent migraines each month with just the bubbles or sometimes just the bubbles and nausea. Wish I knew more about why this happens

  • Mark Nov 10, 2013

    I’m a 47 year old male and I’ve had 2 of these ocular auras, but never any migraine involvement. The first was about 3 years ago while standing in my living room talking to a friend. The only way I can describe it is a kind of “electric ribbon” thats in a curved semi-circle. The colors are amazing, almost like they’re produced by a prism. And they’re moving, kind of tightly like an electrical arc. Its still visible when I close my eyes. The whole thing slowly moves out of my field of vision, to the left, until its gone. At the time I thought I was having a stroke. The most recent occurance was about 20 minutes ago. I had no other symptoms other than anxiety (I unlocked my apartment door in case I had to call an ambulance lol), and it seemed as if my stomach was a little upset afterwards…

    • psucarrierae Sep 15, 2015

      That is EXACTLY what I experienced, for the first time less than a week ago while traveling, and twice now since I have been home. I am trying to figure out a trigger to them, but so far no rhyme or reason. The first time was after a big day at Lake Tahoe in the sun, hiking, peddleboating, but I was relaxed and happy, waiting for my dinner at a restaurant. By the end of the meal the circle of light was so bright I couldn’t drive back to the hotel, and my boyfriend had to lead me to my bed because I really couldn’t see at all. The next time hit me randomly while chopping some vegetables in my kitchen, and the last time was upon waking. Each episode lasted about a half hour, with no headache/migraine, just a feeling of dread, and exhaustion afterwards. I wish there was more information out there!

    • Cody Jul 25, 2016

      Mark, I have exactly the same problem…funny lighting jagged
      or sometimes just curved lines of mult colored funny geometric
      shapes…almost always start at the edges of my vision move
      inward slowly, I usually feel dizzy also and a bit anxious (but
      I seem to have an anxious to worrysome personality that I
      work very hard to control) Im 62, worked all my life as a
      science/math teacher, now work at IU, never really had a problem
      till about 8 years ago. They are getting worse BUT I think I have
      a cause. Food chemical additives such as MSG, Sorbates, all
      nitrate and sulfate compound that our wonderfully corrupt
      food industry puts in our food so it will keep for years and only
      because they are greedy bastards that want all the money they
      can make. However, these attack follow eating out most
      of the time, the resturants will NOT tell you if they use preservatives
      they always say ‘oh no’ we ‘never use that’ but they buy stuff
      from vendors that do. Also, mine last 15 minutes to one hour,
      and drinking tons of water helps. Fight hard to eliminate
      food additives and good luck, Cody

  • Erik Jan 15, 2014

    I’m a 44-year old male that just had an experience very similar to what Mark described (11/1013 @ 10:53am post). My occurrence began about an hour ago while I was driving back to the office from picking up lunch and continued until I returned to my desk and subsided when I was half done with eating. I’ve never had this occur before and i don’t have a migraine. I’ve previously had migraines but they have never been accompanied with visual aura. Anyone know what this could mean? Any input would be helfpul. Thank you. -Erik

    • Barry T. Jan 19, 2014

      These Auras are mostly benign & last between 20-30 minutes. I’ve had them for over 14 years & never get a headache from them. Had a Cat Scan & EEG & nothing wrong was found by my Neuro. I suggest check on the triggers that can cause the Aura. Mine is chocolate & there are other triggers that give me a problem, like bright/flickering lights, so I wear sunglasses in those instances. Facebook has a few Migraine Aura groups, if you would like to join, let me know….Barry

      • Erik Feb 24, 2014

        Barry T.,

        Thank you for the response and information. I will pay attention to triggers that cause this; I had another shorter one Saturday during a meeting (yes, work on Saturday; not usual) after eating a few low sugar animal crackers that my colleague offered.

        I will look into what ingredients are in these type of animal crackers.

        Thanks again for the information.

  • Ken Feb 15, 2014

    I have been having these for about a year now, typically it starts as the zigzag lines, which grow and fill in until my entire visual area is covered. I see the world through a “smokey piece of glass” for 10-20 minutes and then it subsides. There is never any pain while it is happening, occassionaly a headache when it is over. Kind of scares me a bit but the Dr keeps telling me they are nothing to worry about, so they’re something I have learned to live with,

  • marty May 22, 2014

    I have all these symptoms in my right eye lasting only about 5 minutes. I have sparkles in the form of an arch. I have a blind spot that starts out small and gets larger then fades away. I havent heard anyone mention dizziness yet. My right eye does its own thing causing me to feel dizzy.

  • Barry Tanenbaum May 26, 2014
  • Monty Jul 19, 2014

    I’m having one right now as I write, the second of my life. The first one scared me and I went to an eye doctor who had a long fancy name for it and said it was classified as a stroke of the eye but isn’t a stroke as we know it in that these are nothing to be concerned about. They normally last 30 minutes and then go away. I’m about 15 minutes into this one and was sick of it about 14 minutes ago.

  • Colleen Aug 9, 2014

    I’ve been getting this off and on for the last year. I never get the actual headache part though. I guess I’m lucky. It seems to happen at random and starts out very small then grows and takes up almost all of my vision. I get very dizzy from it. The worst part is when it happens as I’m driving

  • Barry Tanenbaum Aug 9, 2014

    I get these also. Join this Facebook group, as it will help….

  • Steve Scales Sep 18, 2014

    Never had a headache in my entire life, but see these aura arch. Never have any warning, but also never have any other negative effects . I realize that I do not have my full vision. Seems that clear late summer and early fall weather make mine show more. Ragweed? golden rod time ? Eyes checked every 6 months now due to a detached retina 20 years ago . Nothing found sense.

  • rau Sep 20, 2014

    Sometimes, out of nowhere, my left eye starts to slowly fog up until nearly everything gets blocked from that eye. I can still make out some shapes from the furthermost left corner of the eye, but everything else is indistinguishable. After about four or so minutes, my eyesight slowly starts to come back again until it’s completely back to normal. I’ve been keeping track of what happens every time one of these ‘attacks’ occur, and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of accompanying migraines, nor even any similarities between the situations under which the attacks occur. I’m seventeen years old, I’ve had bad eyesight since about 13 years of age, and started wearing glasses since four or so years ago (except I may have stopped wearing them for about 5 months now since I lost my glasses and have been terrified of telling my dad about it) but it doesn’t make any sense since these attacks started occurring around one whole year after I started wearing glasses, and there doesn’t seem to be any recognizable pattern to the frequency of them.

  • Judy Sep 20, 2014

    Not until I joined the Facebook group did I realize how many people experienced these. I knew tons of ” headache” migraine sufferers, but not ocular. I had my first official one about 20 years ago after a glass of wine. Scared the ___ out of me. They didn’t return for another 10 years, when they became pretty consistent. Now, when stress levels are high, or I may sleep in my contacts, or spend too much time at the computer, or sleep too much or not enough. ..or eat too many sulfites…. or go from one extreme temp to another. .. so many factors can contribute. .. it is prime for it to happen. I get a sense it’s coming on, as so many others do. It’s like a switch was turned on, a subtle change. .. and then I see one of two things..a small black and white fissure, angular. .. not real bothersome, just big enough to be annoying. Or I will see a small fuzzy patch, almost like a mirage on a road up ahead on a hot day… no defined sides. Small enough to just be annoying and make you look away to catch the words you are missing while reading. Either way, they both continue growing, pulsating, with sharp angular sides of black and white triangles, flashing opposite colors as they move along their perimeter undulating back aka forth. Sometimes it reminds me of an “Open all night” neon sign. The area within this shape, normally a large C becomes fuzzy, smoky, like visual white noise, and sometimes grows to take up half of my visual plane. I feel light headed, sometimes “drunk-ish”, disconnected from my body slightly. .. but no headache, per se. In the past I had been prescribed Imitrex, but hated the way it made my heart race, as I was already prone to anxiety. A friend told me too increase the caffeine. I did, this does help. So does moving around, getting up and getting the blood flowing to the head. Neck bends, aligning my back on a chair (twisting), even getting outside to a cooler or warmer climate. They last a shorter time than they used to, and they’re not add worrisome.
    I do remember, and the posts above reminded me, that when I was a child I used to “see” colored balls floating above my crib and bed. I thought all children did, and even used to refer to them to my mother… as if she saw them too. I bet they were ocular migraines. I also remember being very young and often experiencing the rabbit hole syndrome while reading. .. where things, the book, other furniture in the room, etc became very far away and amazingly close (just Micro millimeters away) at the same time. Time seemed to stop, there was no sound almost a church quiet. My vision would flip from seeing things so up close to then as if I was staring at everything down a long, long hallway. Things grew small in perception, but their size never changed. I remember reflecting on this dichotomy. I loved the feeling when it came over me… which lasted about as long as my adult ocular migraines do now.
    Thank you for letting me share.

  • Bernie Sep 22, 2014

    My ocular migraines started when I was 56 years old at the culmination of the most extremely stressed two weeks of my life. I had just split with a boyfriend with whom I’d been living for two years, my daughter had to undergo removal of her colon after a long battle with ulcerative colitis, my brother had a stroke and was diagnosed with stomach cancer, my lifelong best friend died from melanoma, and I switched jobs! All within that 2 weeks. While reading, the words started to become blurred. The next thing I knew I had jagged lights parading across my vision. This lasted about 15 minutes and scared the ____out of me as someone else commented! I’ve had them ever since and they’re very sporadic….sometimes several in a month, sometimes every few months and I can’t pinpoint anything that causes them except, I guess, stress!!

    Although migraines do run in my family, I had never even had a headache in my entire life so I was quite surprised to be diagnosed with migraine. It is very seldom that a headache accompanies the aura and when it does it is very slight. Thank God.

  • wendy Nov 18, 2014

    I do get migraines, but not too often. I also get the same hallucination much more frequently. I never realized that these could possibly be migraines, I just thought I took one too many hits of LSD in my rave days! The more I read on these Auras, the more I am convinced. My hallucination is often while driving during bright days. I have been sensitive to sunlight since puberty. It is really beautiful, and I will often pull over just to enjoy it. It’s a tunnel of fast moving colored bubbles. It feels like I am moving through a secret wormhole. I do recall getting a migraine after a few of these, but I never thought they were related.

    • wendy Nov 18, 2014

      Also wanted to offer my personal “cure” for migraines. When I get a migraine, it comes out of nowhere and literally knocks me to the floor. Luckily this doesn’t happen often. I have whoever is near get me two excedrin for migraine quick release tablets, and I take a couple of hits from a joint or a bowl. As soon as I smoke, it’s like it makes the medicine kick in or something, and I can feel the pressure release immediately. I don’t know why it works, I figured it out in desperation. I don’t usually smoke pot these days. I am 37, and stopped doing recreational drugs in my late 20’s. I will not hesitate to smoke however if I get a migraine, and/ or nausea, it just works so fast and so well!

  • Debbie Nov 18, 2014

    I just had an ocular experience. I began to feel sick and very dizzy. Pain almost immedately on the left temple. Went to lie down and it felt like I was hallucenating. I saw images and shapes spinning and waves. My head began to feel very heavy. Then I saw something like when you look through a micoscope. Large rocks with a tube in them. Like what you see when looking at organs or something. Flashes too. All while my eyes where closed. The spinning feeling stopped about 25 minutes in. Now my headache is in full on mode. Came here as I have never had something like this happen and wanted to find out if others have had this experience as well.

    • Djik Jul 30, 2015

      I’ve been having auras for the past 2 months every single day and I’m living hell. What you described is exactly what I experienced a few days ago. Luckily for me I was on zopiclone where I felt quite relaxed and was totally amazed by what i was seeing. It felt like I was in an organic tube with all these colors and rock shapes. I also witness a tunnel style when I close my eyes, sometimes I see pictures of anything, landscapes, random people faces. With my eyes opened I can see an abstract zigzag, or some white spots. It’s terrible as they are often mixed with terrible pressure on my forehead or temples…
      But yeah, I saw this organic tube, but I actually really enjoyed it! (I was in my bed chilling without any stress)

  • Anette Jan 5, 2015

    Hello. I am a 13 years old girl and that thing with me started, when I was just turned 12. It happens, when I haven’t had enough sleep, or when I’m very tired. It starts out as a little spot in my eyesight, and it grows into this bigger circle filled with triangles. That’s when the headache strikes. In time it turns into multiple “lines” in the edges of my eyesight, still filled with triangles. It is so annoying, and usually it happens to me in school. If it happens at school, I tell a teacher, and he sends me home, and I go to sleep. After I sleep, the triangles are gone, but my head still hurts, if I tilt my head down, or if I shake my head. I’m sorry for the long text, (hopefully you understand what’s wrong with me) but I’m really thankful if you read it. Please, could you tell a child what should I do? 🙁 is there a medicine to relieve it, or something? Thank you.

    • Djik Jul 30, 2015

      Hi there, you need to see a doctor and explain what’s going on. Use the words Migraines and Aura. Some medicines can help but it’s all relative to you. There’s no magical treatment and for your age the doctor has to be prudent.

  • david fritz Feb 16, 2015

    I call these episodes I don’t get a headache before or after. It starts out as a small blurred spot. It does not move when I move my eyes. When I shut my eyes it is still there. It happens to left field of view. This blurred spot is the size of a thumbnail on a fully extended arm. It grows untill it is as large as my entire left field of view, as it grows it gets less dense untill it goes away it is oval with jagged lines that have colors in them. This takes about 20 minutes. They have been happening for about three years about every three months, untill recently I have had one each week 6 out of 7 weeks now. I have had several MRI’s under the care of a neurologist he found a small tumer near brain stem but says it is not related t issue. The tumor is not growing so we are monitoring it. We accidentally found tumor looking for answer to my vision issue. Have had many test’s with no answers. My neurologist is very well respected I am told by many he’s one of the best. Does any one have any thoughts or have same issue. Thanks

  • Barry T. Feb 17, 2015

    David…Join this group on Facebook & post what you did here.

  • Gillian B Feb 20, 2015

    Last night I experienced what I can only explain as a kaleidoscope pattern with flashing intermittent lights. I was in my bed and looked at the curtains which were covered in these swirling patterns and lights. They also seemed to be much further away than what they actually are. I turned and looked at the wall and it did the same there as well. Kind of freaked me out a bit as I had been asleep and I couldn’t figure out if I was awake or dreaming this! I had no headache. I have experienced one visual migraine a number of years ago but not as alarming as this one. Does this sound normal?

  • Barry T. Feb 23, 2015

    Gilliam B.,
    People do get these. Why don’t you join the Ocular Migraine group on Facebook & post there as well? The link there is:

  • David Fritz Feb 23, 2015

    Gillian B. There are lots of people who have had very similar experiences, including my self. I have had 15 over three years. Mine happen between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm most of them around 10:00am. The frequency for me has gone to one a week lately. I went to a neurologist from the beginning. My blood pressure has been high for a few months so family doctor put me on blood pressure medicine 10 days ago. I saw neurologist three days ago for yearly check up for an unrelated issue and talked to him. He thinks high blood pressure has caused mine to be more frequent. He said blood vessel contraction and expansion cause migraine conditions. I will let you know if the frequency of my ocular migraines (never had a headache) go down, if so I would say blood pressure has something to do with mine and maybe a lot of other people. Most everyone thinks we all need to let our family doctors know whats going on. You might feel comfort as I did by reading other peoples post’s and that you are not alone. Best of luck.

  • Kristen Mar 2, 2015

    To Debie,

    I have the exact same thing. I had same ocular symptoms. I’ve had them since I was a teen. Seven years ago the sever migrains started and for a 1 yr 1/2 I had them every day until finally they found that Botox worked. I still have days when extremely strong ones come through but at least the other days are managed. Been doing Botox since. When the bad ones come through I vomit, have blurred vision, awful balance, flashing, spots, patterns, shapes and a light that moves in and out as if it were a camera trying to focus. The funny thing is it wasn’t until this year that I realized that this wasn’t normal. I thought everyone including those who don’t get migraines had these auras. I had never discussed them with anyone! They are very annoying and keep me from sleeping.

  • Jonathan Mar 2, 2015

    Debra, I used to have the exact same symptoms as you. Haven’t had a single full blown migraine now in three years. I would always get the earning signs before a migraine would start then would be out for a few hours to a few days at a time. I saw at least 6 different doctors, all who gave me different medications from vasodialators to just straight heavy pain meds. NOT A SINGLE ONE ever tried anything different than medication. Then one day while I was in the U.S.N as a corpsman, a U.S.N. Chief working in OPMAN saw me walking by his office and called me in. He said that he had heard about how my problem from my roommate and said that his wife suffered from the same thing for more than 40 years until she had had enough and started to try other ways to get better. She went to a chiropractor who told her to go have a full spinal xray then come back and see him. It worked for her. It worked for me. Turns out when I had somehow knocked one of the disks in my neck out of place and was getting the auras, headaches and everything else because the muscles attached to the disks were constantly trying to center it again so one side was always being worked and the other not at all. I had the xray done, went back and saw the chiropractor and he showed me exactly which disk was out of place. He adjusted/realigned my spine and within an hour my headache started to go away. He explained that because it had been out of place for so long, out might take awhile for it to be corrected so I went back every two weeks. It was only $50.00 here and I was tired of all the meds so I agreed. After three to five months, no more headaches. I have only had one full blown headache since then and I immediately any back for a few more sessions. That was about three years ago, no more headaches, no more meds and no more chiropractor. Look into it.

  • Rich Mar 14, 2015

    I have had this Arch of Triangles vision for many years, never followed by a headache or anything negative. When I researched it as a vision it is actually called “The Arch Of Triangles”. The picture depicted this at the top is correct, except the actual vision is more detailed and there is a separate vision in each triangle all of which are in motion.
    This has always been a sign of a coming major change in my life.

  • Ray Mar 20, 2015

    I get relatively small, swirling balls of bright, non-coloured light raining down all around me that only last about 30 seconds to a minute at most and usually I can snap myself out of it.

  • louise Apr 13, 2015

    Had my very first aura migraine last night,started with a very stiff neck,then the side on V shape zig zag colourful pattern started,to be fair i didn’t really know what to make of it at first,rubbed my eyes,still there…then a little bit of worry came over me as i watched it grow in size & spead across my eye sight.
    And yes to be fair was concerned that i was having a stroke,but there was nothing else happening to me,so i sat watching & spread out to the left of my vision and dissappeared,no headache,nothing..
    I had never heard of a aura migraine till now.
    Hopefully that’s it,a one off,i guess time will tell.

  • Jonathan Apr 21, 2015

    I found some other pages on the web that discuss the zig zag pattern and they call it kaleidoscope eye. They say that it can be benign but to get checked by your doctor just to be safe. I have recently discovered that eating cucumbers, even one piece, causes it for me. So no more of that tasty vegetable for me.

    • Barry T. Apr 21, 2015

      I know what you going through, as I have had Auras for over 15 years year & know some triggers. I belong to a group that really helped me. Ocular Migraines

    • Irish Jun 14, 2016

      Hi Jonathan. Your comment of what happened to your is what has happened to me. I have been eating cucumbers for a week. I could not hardly believe it when read your comment. I have never had the prisms like a z shape before. And I have never ate so many cucumbers straight before either. Thanks for your comment

  • Cyndi J May 23, 2015

    I am 48 yrs old and have had migraines my entire life. Today, I experienced my first ocular disturbance. While lying in bed, watching morning news, I began to see a semi circle of zig zag lightning and the center of circle was blurred. The kind of blurring used to hide faces or offensive scenes on TV. I was worried, but it resolved in about an hour and so far no headache. I then found this site online. Hope I never experience this again.

  • Barry Paul Tanenbaum May 24, 2015

    I have good info on Auras, as I’ve had these for over 15 years. Contact me….Barry

  • aj Jun 15, 2015

    I was looking up some symptoms I have and ended up on this website. About 6 years ago I slipped in the shower and hit my head. Ever since I feel this pressure in my head like it’s pushing out and put of nowhere I get this black curtain in my right eye closing towards the left. I get really dizzy and my whole body feels numb and tingly. I got an mri done back then when it started but everything came out ok. Went to an eye doctor and the same thing. Ok. I have headaches pretty much every day but the eye effect has dropped significantly. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with migraines but I do get these horrible headaches from time to time

  • Haley M Garza Jul 5, 2015

    I have those all the time but mine don’t have color mine are all black misty looking and there circled kind of but I’m only like 14 is that right being almost 14 years old and having these symptoms

  • Reader Jul 8, 2015

    Perfect grids, curved grids, grids with red dots, cats, bright light blank white flashes in one eye, loose tangle of “string” in center sight of same eye with flashes

  • Djik Jul 30, 2015

    I’ve been having these migraines for over 2 months now. Every single day from the morning till I go to sleep. I can’t work normally. In addition my job is to stay in front of screen the whole day and it makes it really worse.
    – Eyes opened :
    .abstract transparent zig zag in my right eyes
    .white dots appearing from nowhere
    .cloudy vision
    .grey spot in the right eye
    – Eyes closed :
    .Tunnel vision like stargate being in a wormhole
    .Feeling of being in an organic tube with plenty of colors and rock shapes
    .Hundreds of blues spots
    .Random pictures : unknown people faces, landscapes

    I haven’t felt myself since it started 2 months ago. I have huge pressures on the temples or forehead, my eyes get very sour or painful like I haven’t slept for days. I often get totally spaced out where I can’t talk to people and I lose perception of my environment. I got feelings of pin and needles all over my arms or my face. I feel my muscles very tensed of my hips and my biceps to a point where it does hurt. Also want to vomit. Feelings of numbness all over my head.
    Take all these symptoms and make a random cocktail (every day is a new day :D) of these and that’s what my life is every day.

    What helps at the moment is having zopiclone. I’m supposed to take it to sleep but I found it more usefull to have it when a crisis begin and I feel ok for several hours but it only hides the problem. It also makes me feel like very diminished in term of concentration but at least I don’t suffer even if I’m still poor at doing my job. Been to the doctor for 6 weeks now, went to an optician, got directed to a neuro-ophtalmologist and an orthoptist we’ll see what they’ll have to say.

    Medicines that didn’t work on me:
    – citalopram (made it 10 times worse)
    – propranolol (no effect)
    – promethazine (no effect)
    – Ibuprofen / Paracetamol (no effect)

    Good luck to all of you my friends!

  • Barry Paul Jul 31, 2015

    Would you be interested in sharing your story on a group on Ocular Migraines that I and many others belong to, as they can profit from your experiences. Let me know….

  • steve Aug 20, 2015

    I just had one of these a few minutes ago driving into work. I haven’t had one in a few months. Just wanted to share what mine look like. Mine starts out as only a couple multicolored triangular shapes. More of these shapes appear until they make a complete”c” shape. The “c” starts increasing in size until it disappears. I am blind only where the triangles are. I get them in only one eye. If it’s my left eye, it’s “c” shape but when in my right eye, it’s a reverse “c” shape. I haven’t had a headache afterword yet. They usually last about 20-30 minutes.

    • Barry T. Aug 20, 2015

      You got the Typical Ocular Migraine. I belong to a FB group that has a lot of people who also suffer from these Migraines, some with or without headaches. If interested in a link, let me know…Barry in Pa.

  • Robin Sep 22, 2015

    I’ve had occular migraines for over 10 years. About 3 years ago I had my first reall scary episode where it seemed as if my eyes went crossed. I asked the people around me if they looked crossed and was told no. Also, 1/2 of my mouth and tongue went tingly then numb. This lasted around a minute. It has happened twice more since then and this morning it felt like it was going to happen while I was driving in to work but it didn’t. I felt a weird pressure like sensation around my eye area and it seemed like things were farther away than they really were but didn’t get an aura or the crossed eyes vision. It’s very disconcerting while it’s happening and usually leaves me feeling wiped out for a few hours.

  • MaryLou Sep 28, 2015

    For about a year now I sometimes have an aura that is shaped in an arc. Along the arc are triangles. Every other one is upside down. Every other one is BLACK . Every other one is BRIGHT WHITE. When I close my eyes it is still there. It can last several hours. Gets worse as time goes by. Sometimes it interferes so much with my eye sight that I am afraid to drive. There is never a headache. At first I thought it was related to a lot of time spent on a computer. But then realized that at times I can work all day on a computer and it does not happen.

  • Kareem Abdullah Sep 30, 2015

    For the past two weeks, I have been seeing a wavy, geometric grid type pattern when I first wake up. It starts out as a few, and it encompasses my field of vision. I can still see other objects, but the patterns are still seen upon whatever I look at. This occurs for about one minute, then it fades away. I am worried about it, as I don’t know why it’s happening. I haven’t been having migraine headaches, but I do have a history of heart problems. I’ve also been under a little more stress lately than I typically have to deal with.

  • Kathy Nov 16, 2015

    I get them also. Have had them for a while, sometimes nothing for quite a while and then a couple in a few weeks. Try this, as soon as you know it’s gonna happen. You can tell when your vision gets weird. Take 2 aspirin, put under tongue and see if that doesn’t help. Doesn’t always get rid of Aura, but I don’t have any bad headaches after, And if you catch it quick enough you might even stop aura or make it a lot more mild. But a dark room helps when aura is happening. Certain lights trigger it also, I’ve noticed, especially these led lights. JUst relax, no reason to get anxious, it will pass.

  • Jim Dec 14, 2015

    I have had hypnogogic images for my entire life. Intense geometric, mosaic, Kalaidescopic, spirals, visionary sequences. And more recently blue blobs and yellow blobs, usually blue lights that are small and bright but that can become the big blue blob. Sometimes I will feel agitated and “boxed in” and that’s when I have trouble judging distances. Also I have extreme sadness. Sometimes the whole thing will start with a palpitation that lasts for about ten to thirty seconds. Sometimes it can start with a combination of palpitations and a sudden extreme headache that seems to come out of nowhere. Plus I always have headaches – always 24/7 – 365 or 366 days a year. But there are cycles within that. Sometimes it takes a while to observe how it happens. If you have them everyday sometimes you can try to adjust your meds so that they will down play the effects of the aura. The aura can be worse than the headache… especially the agitation “boxed in” sensation. For me that usually last for about twenty to forty minutes and sometimes I don’t notice it until it starts to subside.

  • paul.. Dec 30, 2015

    i havesuffered from migrianes and viusal auras for 30 years now aND JUST RECENTLY my doc got me onto using oxygen when headaches bad.. it is very helplfulinstopping them.. for a while..but only one tool in my list of things to help and make it so i can cope with life at all..oxygen use is 5ltres per minute for a 1/2 hour…10 litres per minute for 1/2 oxygenates teh whole body… almost everyday i have headaches and migrianes 2 or 3 times a week that can last for up to 3 days at worst… and afterwards i cant remeber what i was doing it is an endless cycle of pain and lying in dark room and so on.. not much done..i use disprin forte(asprin and codiene) + immigran spray+ oxygen for treatment..

  • Patty Dec 30, 2015

    I get squiggly lines that block out part of my vision. I also sometimes get a funny taste in my mouth.

  • Sandra Jan 21, 2016

    I started out 19 months ago with an ocular incident. I thought I was having a stroke!!! I’ve been to several different doctors and not much help. No one knows what to do . My vision had never returned to normal . It’s blurry on and off . I see patterns all the time !!! Red and green lights are blurry! I have 2 appointments next month to see if anything new and to try to understand what happened!! Changed my life forever!

  • az-watts Jan 26, 2016

    Im 14 year old male, I see it all stars, lines, dots, and clouds but after wards i loose vision and cant walk and to make it worse i get a headace. How dose it happen? btw i just got done with P.E. and about to eat lunch.

  • Jenny Jan 26, 2016

    No headache. Just a strange geometry looking, hypnotic like spot of color that stays with me. If I close my eyes its still there. If I focus on it, its ever changing with colors and sometimes looks like pinwheel movements or electicity. I believe the computers and|or TV is weponized or something going on in the O-zOne.

  • Mike Mar 7, 2016

    I have suffered from Migraine since I was 5 years old, although I only get about two or so a year now and I did go a period in my life from 15 to 27 where I didnt get any.(strange I know)
    I get this exact zigzag as in the picture above after blury mixed up vision first, The flashing zigzags are usually on my right side but occasionally on my left, Afer the zigzags finish about 5 to 10 mins I get a throbing headache that can last up to 3 days getting milder each day but can start throbing again if I bend down for any reason.
    About 2 years ago i read on some site to take a level teaspoon of salt in warm water, (i use Hymalain Salt) and I can tell you the migrane is shortened incredably and there is only the slightest hint of a headace afterwards, Its fantastic, No more laying down in a dark space for hours on end.

  • Villa Mar 31, 2016

    hey, I’ve never spoken about this as I always couldn’t put it to words, or begin to describe the things I’d see every night and throughout the days…I didn’t sleep a night until I was 12years old. Every night it felt like I couldn’t switch my mind off, or make it stop. I’d close my eyes and see more than I could ever explain or describe. More than with my eyes open. More than just this world. Now I’m 28 and it being a daily/nightly part of myself I guess I’ve lived with forever. I close my eyes and see everything. Every colour there ever was or could possibly be, all rapidly vibrating in microscopic geometric prisms, in every sense and dimension. From every perspective and magnified to the point of seeing in overwhelming detail every particle of air inside and out. Every particle consists of a kaleidoscopic hive of geometric prisms with how I can only explain as every single possible colour beyond any spectrum imaginable disected into microscopic portions, broken down to fragments of raw light, as if the origin of light itself, to a point moving like cogs and a giant multi dimensional sphere of endless breathtaking clockwork mechanisms made up of all of the above in every shape, colour, dimension, angle, movement (extremely fast and terrifyingly slow motion at the same time?) to the point of zooming into a fragment spec of a zillionth of what any of this is and seeing thousands of numbers, again in a multi perspective, dimensional and complete weightless sense. A void of absolutely everything and so much more, though somehow it makes sense. Like dissecting layers to the point of these insane numbers, with the numbers are shapes or Unknown (to me) letters/numbers than I’ve never seen before. This part is pretty…to describe it is super unjust…it’s like you’re inside a computer screen? But way deeper than that…way way deeper and higher, total disconnection from the body, I can see behind my eyeballs and the curvature of their lenses. It’s terrifying and beautiful. When consciousness somehow tugs, whenever it decides to, it’s like a melodic optic wormhole rapid zoom out/travel backwards from all you’ve delved into. Every layer, colour, shape and all there ever was or could be. Like a bungee cord retracts and pulls you back out, with your eyes and sight facing foward, like you’re being sucked out and are watching ahead(if senses and directional matter exist) like when you ride a train that’s traveling the opposite direction but you’re sat facing the ‘wrong way’ like you’re traveling light years and seeing every last drop of detail. Sometimes it stops and sort of suspends you in a void of whatever place you’re suspended in. You get a feeling that you (you’re body or eyes or self or whatever it/you is) completely stop, still. A feeling of floating in a void. Totally weightless directionless and motionless yet the cogs and geometric shapes slowly keep moving, in extreme slow and gentle motion. Then they start to morph and form faces/objects/landscapes/scenes/ting molecules of everything that could ever be or ever was. It’s like a deep understanding or breakdown of every realm and everything in it and beyond. Faces of unknown people/creatures/other worldly ‘things’ moving, expressions change. It’s slow or rapid. Sometimes so fast you feel like you’re dying…I can only put to those words, not that I’d know death. Often with that voices enter. Noises. Sounds. They are both excruciatingly deafening and unnervingly silent at the same time. So loud you can’t escape it yet you can’t even hear it?! Voices of senseless noise. Not a language because there’s no sound but it’s all you can hear. The noises aren’t human or from matter. Those I can’t explain. Through all of this my eyes are wide open but feel closed, I only realise or am conscious when a feel a huge thud to the heart, like someone punches you with huge force or like an adrenalin shot to the heart. You remember to breathe and that breathing is a ‘thing’ everything disperses but is still there now appearing as tiny dots. Coloured ones and ones of pure light. All above and around. It’s exhausting and feels like you’ve being venturing for lifetimes. Amidst these visuals I always had this other strange occurrence, every single night the room around me would get rapidly terrifyingly huge and giant, and then the extreme opposite. Ting and microscopic. Far away and so distorted. A perception kinda thing. It would do this so uncontrollably you fear it won’t stop. It keeps you in the big, close, giant room for time and then spits the room round to the far away tiny microscopic suffercating sensation. From slow and long to violently fast and rapid. I remember the worst times was always when it would switch between the two in milliseconds. My heart felt like it was exploding. That’s when I’d run from my bed and to my old dog and dad, not knowing how or what to describe so I’d say I was having a bad dream. I’d curl up, cover my ears and head and try to shake it out of me. It never would. Nothing made it go, it just stopped whenever it did. There was a texture thing too. A big ball that was sickeningly smooth and of vile perfection and it would rapidly morph into the roughest most hideously sickeningly violent texture. Again switching. I could feel and taste it. Hear it. So loud and so quiet. Every sense feeling every sensation of absolute nothingness and the nothingness of every possible thing…but all in my head. Or eyes. Or around me. It was everywhere and nowhere never and forever. There was no escape and I never ever spoke to another being about it. Until writing this.
    I didn’t sleep until I was 12yeats old because this happened to me every single night. I wasn’t scared of the dark because these things would be all around me( the colours and stuff aside from the room perspective stuff) I would walk around in it. I so vividly remember and can still see now, I’d walk around in the pitch black house at night, but I wasn’t seeing the house or wherever I was, I started walking in what I could see. Following and exploring in it. I was never afraid of the dark because I’d be safe in the colours and tunnels. I guess I started playing with/in them because if I tried to fight it, the room thing would happen and that was the dark place for me. The illusion of ‘this’ world. It started happening to me in the day times, at school, if ever my mind wandered, which was most of the time. My parents thought I was just a sleepwalker and had terrible sleep problems and blamed sugar or my hyperactive mind. I was always so aware and in control when I played in the dimensions and realms with the colours. I trusted them and used to call ‘them’ my friends. I let them guide me, I just wandered inside them. Super aware of it. It became my playtime. I don’t remember them stopping but apparently at 12 I slept my first night sleep. So I rarely get the room perspective thing now, sometimes I do but it doesn’t scare me necessarily. However I see everything else. All the time. I can focus it and ‘try’ to see more. It keeps me awake every night. If I close my eyes it’s all I see. It never stops. It never ‘goes away’ it’s always all around me. I feel it forever. It’s exhausting and until now I kinda figured it’s just what’s behind everyone’s darkness and closed eyes…I guess not.
    The strangest part for me is reading about it, which I just did right now for the first time ever in my life as I’m back at my parents house and something mush have triggered my mind into awareness of it and also curiosity of that strange thing that used to keep me awake relentlessly as a kid, so I’ve never ever had a headache in my life. Nothing. Ever. No migraine. Not even a headache…if anyone has any…thing?? That could help me understand what this thing is that happenes, or is a part of me, I’m down to hear it. It’s all I see. I can’t stop it, I can sometimes control how deep to go with it, but it’s not me. Or you. Or anything we know
    Thanks for reading

  • Juls Apr 17, 2016

    Just had one. It started with the prism like zigzag spinning pattern. It lasted 15 minutes followed by a dull headache on the left side of my right eye at the start of my eyebrow. Not much pain though. Only a feelling of dread. Thought it was eye strain but I have also been consuming hot chocolate and rocky road ice cream. Could chocolate be my trigger also? I did notice several days ago, a slight imbalance while standing.
    I’m going to test it these next few days with by consuming the same amount of chocolate as I consumed before today’s episode. Btw, I’ve only started experiencing these auras in the past few months. I thought I was having a stroke also the first time it happened.

  • Brooklyn May 20, 2016

    Just experienced this.
    I basically had a creepy nightmare, woke up from it seeing red like a light was shone in my eyes and simultaneously saw a giant rainbow spinning zigzag pattern (which at first I could’ve sworn was my covers moving on their own/a giant spider) and now the left side of my forehead, right around my eyebrow hurts.
    What weirds me out is that I dont think I’ve ever had a migraine (that I know of).

    • Ash Jun 19, 2016

      Weird, its 4am and i got here by googling: woke up from a nightmare and when i close my eye it’s like a kaleidescope lol.. never had a migraine either..barely any small headache at that our was skinning too and flashing

  • Thelma Jun 2, 2016

    I get some at list three times a week and sometimes I feel drowsy also my eye leads get to heavy asif there is to much pressure is like one second is blury and then not or I tend to get zig zags but in the shape of a backwards C in the right side of my eye or sometimes I see like little tiny bubbles all pressed together and is like their moving on the upper left side of my eye please state your advice.

  • Mindy Jun 17, 2016

    Hate to throw a monkey wrench into all of the confusion, but..I’ve had a headache for a month straight. About 15 minutes ago I started seeing these electric rainbow zig zaggy things in both of my eyes – it’s driving me mental! I’ve had migraines for the past 23 years and never experienced any visual disturbances. Anyone have a clue what’s going on? Do I have a brain tumor? Am I about to have a stroke? Is my brain trying to lighten my stress load by to putting on a light show so I’ll feel better? ?????

    • Pat Jun 20, 2016

      Hello Mindy,
      You should see a doctor but bear in mind that auras may change during a lifetime and that’s probably what’s happenning, so enjoy the “light dhow” 😬

    • Pat Jun 20, 2016

      Hello Mindy,
      You should see a doctor but bear in mind that auras may change during a lifetime and that’s probably what’s happenning, so enjoy the “light show” 😬

    • Red Aug 18, 2016

      Not making a joke of the situation at all, but I appreciated your comment about your brain putting on a light show for you. I’ve had two of these “episodes” in the past three days. They are scary. I used to have migraines about 10 years ago, but haven’t had them since then. This came out of the blue, but I did have the same lunch both days. Very strange. I hope it stops. Even though I love the tacos I had, I’ll give them up for life if it makes this ‘electric rainbow’ & subsequent headache bs go away.

  • Carol Jun 26, 2016

    I’m glad to find this site thought I was alone. I get what I call waving flags starting from one eye but moving across to both eyes. Never get headache doc said its called a silent migraine? I just go lay down in a dark room & it goes away in about 20 min. Now for the last week I see a sphere shape in my right eye. Going to call eye doc tomorrow . People r telling me with this latest sphere shape my optic nerve might be separating or something. I’ll know more when I see eye doctor. Anyway it’s amazing to find so many people on here that have weird eye problems like I do. 🙂

  • Mary L K Jul 5, 2016

    I’ve been very lucky in regards to painful migraines in that I have only had one. I remember this migraine very clearly: I was 16 and it was the day of Prince Charles & Lady Diana’s wedding. This massive headache popped up out of nowhere and suddenly I was puking my guts out. I fell asleep immediately afterwards and slept for six hours straight. The aural migraines started right after I turned 40. These auras are like waterfalls that are blocking my vision and I know the migraine is about to start because I can only see half of a face. Lately though, I have started seeing stars, little twinkly silver stars that fall all around me. Beautiful actually, but they only last about 30 seconds. No pain as of yet, thank God and Aleve. I pop two of them at the first sigh of trouble. Good luck everyone!

  • Carlene Logue Jul 23, 2016

    I had colored auras which precipitated migraine headaches but now I have clear auras which do not cause migraine headaches. Does anyone know what causes these auras which last 20 minutes?

  • Amanda Jul 29, 2016

    I had this “aura” happen to me today. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. It lasted a while…maybe 30 to 45 minutes but there was no migraine to follow. My husband has had this happen to me so he told me that he was told there it is also an indication of a “mini-seizure” as if that was a “comforting” explanation or something. Now, I think I may want to get this checked out because I’ve never had it before (I’m 57) and there was no migraine following it. Last thing I need in my life at this moment, I can assure you.

  • Liz Aug 30, 2016

    My husband complained of seeing a red straight line through his vision yesterday which then gradually went black and faded away. it lasted about 5minutes. I remember he had this once before about 5 years ago. I am worried as he does not want to go to the doctors !! I have read all you comments and no one mentions a straight line as an aura. He did not get a headache after this . Can anyone advise please .

  • Kasey Oct 4, 2016

    One way I can tell I am about to get a migraine is that the color of my eyes turn green, and gets brighter green as it goes on. Anyone else have this? I thought I was crazy the first time I noticed it, but it happens EVERY time. It’s the weirdest thing….

  • Robyn Oct 10, 2016

    I started seeing jagged black and ‘glass’ rings about a year and a half ago. It only lasts for about 30 minutes. It starts out small. So small, I think to myself “Hmm. That seems a little blurry.” But now it doesn’t take me long to realize ‘IT’ is beginning to happen. The jagged rings eventually get bigger and tend to hang out on the right side. I see these ‘rings’ with my eyes opened or closed. I’ve had people say it’s the beginning stages of a migraine. But that’s just it. I don’t have a migraine afterwards. Just a dull frontal head ache that I think comes from having to focus so hard through the visual distraction.

  • Heather Oct 25, 2016


    Just last night as I was experiencing the blind spot and colored sparkly line I tried moving my eyes side to side to the far left and right and then up and down and then around in circles first clock wise and then counter clock wise quickly. I didn’t move my head just my eyes.

    I immediately noticed that the some muscles of my right eye were very sore. Something I didn’t feel when I didn’t move my eyes or only moved them normally. My left eye was perfectly fine.

    The other thing I noticed was that the colored flashing line in shape of a C that normally takes 20 to 30 minutes to slowly move across my vision had changed. It had moved much farther in the the 30 seconds I had moved my eyes as far as it would in 10 minutes and it was softer and colors less intense.

    So I moved my eyes again right and left 10 times up and down 10 times upper left to lower right 10 times upper right to lower left 10 times clockwise 10 times and counter clockwise 10 times all with my eyes open laying down staring at the ceiling not focusing on anything or moving my head. My vision was almost totally back to normal! I did it a bit more and my vision was completely normal! 😀

    I still got the mild headache but perhaps had I done the eye movements when I first noticed the blind spot perhaps I wouldn’t have gotten any headache at all.

    Here is what I do for the pain and it is very effective.
    1. Learn to not fear your Migraine. The more you fear the more you stress out when you know one is coming on the more pain you will experience.

    2. Think of your Migraine as a message from your body. It is letting you know you are probably over stressing your self out over some issue that really isn’t all that important or not treating yourself well by not getting enough sleep or food or rest or time for your self.

    3. Think of your Migraine as a free pass for the day to put aside and not think about anything or anyone that might be stressing you out.

    Pain Relief:
    4. Give yourself an ice cream headache. This has been shown to shorten or prevent pain. Do it as soon as you can before you feel the pain from the Migraine.

    5. Relaxation is your friend. Take a warm shower to help relax all your muscles.

    6. Lay down in a quite dimly lit room.

    7. Get a bag of ice or frozen peas or corn and place it right were the pain is when it starts. Place a damp cloth on your face first then the back of ice or frozen peas or corn. Or even a dry cloth. If the cold from the frozen stuff is too much remove the bag and wait just a bit and put it back on spot again. The cold will help block the pain signals and cut down the pain you feel by 95% or more. It gives you control over the pain. 🙂

    8. Alternative to ice and my favorite is using a blow dryer on low that has a cool button. I know it sounds crazy but the hmm of the dryer has a soothing affect and the warm breeze on my face where the pain is and alternating between warm and cool when I press the cold or cool button really take the pain away about as good as ice does. I also warm up my hands and feet and blow air on the sides of my neck. I do this while imagining I am laying on a warm beach and air from the drying is just a warm wind. I start this well before I feel any pain. Hold the dryer a few feet away from your face. WARNING!!!! DO NOT FALL ASLEEP WITH THE DRYER ON OR PLUGGED IN. IT CAN CATCH YOUR BED OR CLOTHING ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. OK this last one may offend some peoples sensibilities but we are talking about helping with pain from a Migraine and what you can do to help ease it. It is a known fact that sexual arousal lessens the intensity of pain. Seeing as you want to relax in a quite room you may or may not want a partner on this one.

    10. Caffeine: Drink a can of caffeinated soda. A cola is better especially if you pour it in a glass and use a fork to quickly stir it so it become flat. Caffeine helps lower the blood pressure in the head and the non bubbly cola sooth the stomach.

    I hope someone finds my information and suggestions helpful. 🙂

    I get the typical blind spot followed by line of multi colored sparkly flashing line that grows from that blind spot into a thin C shape and slowly moves across my vision till it reaches the edge and goes away followed by usually a mild head ache though when I was younger I had horrible pain and nausea.

  • arturo macias Nov 6, 2016

    I get it on the sides of both eyes or at least one eye a somewhat rounded white and darker pulsating light and can’t focus on anything I’m looking at. I have had food poisoing a few times in the past and this has come with it.

  • Patricia Nov 19, 2016

    I get that as well

  • Dixie Dec 2, 2016

    I am extremely new to the world of migraines, I am 39 and just started experiencing them 3 months ago and just had my first one where there was what looked spider webs in my vision. It moved with my vision and it pulsed. A little freaked out, I don’t have insurance and was just wondering g if this is worth the cost of an emergency room visit to have it checked out. The migraine that accompanied the spider Web vision was the worst one I have had and it also caused vomiting. Any words of wisdom?…..

  • paul white Dec 13, 2016

    i have had migraines now for 35 years …. most days will start with some form of a headache …. if it gets worse and often does i start seeing light cascading off everything shiny … wherever there is light there is long sheets of light coming off…. and i also get very blurry vision, cant drive while its happening…i have also seen transparent balls floating in the air that are not there….. i have 2-3 migraines a fortnight and headaches every other day…. i have no life just pain to pain…and i also think there is another world parallel to the one we are in that i can see and feel when m,y migraines are really bad…. i have this feeling that i am in someone elses body on another plane…bit like a multiverse! had one come on yesterday while out ….. had to be driven home was in so much pain…and now its still there.(lvl 7)… i have a level chart for how bad it is… anything under 8 is a headache anything over is migraine…. 10+ being vomiting, shitting and pissing all at once … yes it has happened.. i take in combination disprin forte ( codeine aspirin based) and immigran nasal spray , and oxygen bottle 5ltres per hour for 30 minutes. and also use medical marijuana to help relieve symptoms..and the usual dark room no sound no touching and no moving till it eases! i also have sever intolerances to many foods so it is a never ending battle ….

  • Rob Dec 25, 2016

    An occasional migraine sufferer, I’m one of those that experiences the blind spots (50% of the time) and jagged zigzags (every time), before the migraine – seen eyes open or closed. BTW: the proper term in “scintillating scotoma” – what a cool sounding name that for most of us is a bringer of bad news. Migraine that comes soon after often seems to be worst behind both eyes.

    Not claiming it’s a cure but what works for me: first a big drink of water (1 full big glass – don’t cheat, the whole glass, also room temp – never cold, never hot, never with ice), relax in a cool dark[ish] place, avoid bright sunlight, 10 – 20 deep slow breaths (sounds funny but also pause a few seconds after the exhale).
    During scitoma: 2 tabs neurofen plus (ibuproefen + codeine) taken – I bite the pills to break (not crush though) them, and despite warnings take them only with water (not with food – makes it less effective and slower to act) – this helps me in the severity the inevitable migraine a lot less lesser and often I can skip the next bit.
    During migraine (if too slow or above tabs not taken in time): ‘cataflam’ (diclofenac potassium) which is actually a muscle relaxant. One of my doctors put me on this, he said ‘being a muscle relaxant it shouldn’t work with migraines but he has had more than a few patients respond well – but he admitted a few didn’t respond so it’s not the magic cure-all.’ – guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Again suggestion is to take with/after food but once again I ignore that. (Sometimes I do indeed throw up 5 – 10 mins after taking that tab, but even seems to work better than no pill or pill-with-food. Usually with the pill I’m going to be OK by the next morning (even when taken late at night) – and off to be as soon as feasible; without the tab I’m out for 3+ days).
    Anyway, above works for me – but as always check with your own doc on those pills mentioned above (often need scripts anyway).
    Once again remember: ALWAYS check before trying third party / strangers advice. I’m no doctor plus I know nothing about you, others may be less honest.

  • Maurice jim Boisseranc Dec 27, 2016

    I am 84 years old and have had these symtems for 21 years. I have been fortunate to not have migraine pain with this.i will discuss this with anyone wanting information or encouragement.

  • libby Dec 31, 2016

    I am 19 years old and have been experiencing this random aura-like symptom for about 5 years. They auras are moving zig-zags that obstruct my focus and I lose my peripheral and short distance focusing. Most times the symptoms launch into a headache (mild or a migraine). The aura usually lasts around 30 minutes, and the head ache another 30 minutes. I drink water, pull a hat over my head, and lay down on the coach until it passes. If I have medicine on hand, or I need to get somewhere, I take 1 Excedrin. 15-30 minutes later the symptoms slowly stop.

    I am unsure why I get these auras…so I am focusing on changing my diet and charting the recurring events (diet, sleep, environment) before symptoms appear. I hope this helps.

  • Brigid Jan 9, 2017

    I suddingly started suffering from this Wavey electric Lines Eye storm (WELES) at age 68 which was two years ago. My GP sent me to a Neurologist who diagnosed migraine albeit no headaches.
    Within the past two years I have noticed this only happens if I eat chocolate. Yesterday for the first time I had an WELES accompanied by a slight headache. I wonder why this has suddenly developed in my old age and why it o. Happens with milk chocolate and not Dark.

  • Danielle Jan 19, 2017

    I just had these “Bent triangle lights” (as shown in the picture above) this is the first time I’ve exspiranced them, I have a history of migraines, however when this appeared,

    I didn’t even have a headache in the slightest. Could this mean some other condition is involved? This freaked me out, it lasted almost 10 minutes.

    It was in the right eye, grew bigger sliding fully off to the right and finally dissappearing.

    If anyone has any insight let me know thanks.

  • Brian Colloton Feb 9, 2017

    Hi There, I never get a headache just a feeling of one you can barely feel.
    It started some years ago whilst driving. First of all I lost part of my vision, then came the Feeling, next came the Tingling in my left hand fingers, next the left side of my tongue numbing feeling. Now if I look ahead at ten o’clock (left eye) l get a sparkle about size of a pencil lead and the same with the right eye at 2 o’clock. I feel funny in the stomache and get zigzags flashing for about an hour or so. The feeling I get stays with me most of the day now. My doctor put me on Celebrex 500 mg when needed. But like you guys out there I’d like it too stop.

  • Keith Adams Feb 19, 2017

    Every so often i see multicolored shapes in the corner of my right eye. This has occurred a couple times a month for the last several months. I also have hypothyroidism (not sure of the eye afflictions that causes, starts with ‘optha-‘ something.

  • Marion foley Feb 23, 2017

    I’ve taken this for the first time it’s frightening can you help

  • Colleen Mattson Mar 4, 2017

    I get these in the spring and the fall, but I don’t get much of a headache with them. They typically last for hours…from 5 to 8 hours or so. Mine are like a marquee…triangles arranged in a large C shape with internal flashing lights that move similarly to a marquee, covering the entire vision field of one eye. The beginning (the top) of the C is usually larger and looks like a snake head. This interferes with my vision and makes it very hard to work. None of my doctors have said they know what it is or what to do about it. They usually laugh when I describe it. What kind of doctor do I need to go to in order to get help?

  • Richard Easton Mar 16, 2017

    I experienced Acute Optic Neuropathy in my right eye which left me with pretty much no sight in that eye. I am now seeing geometric swirling in my left eye which severley restricts my vision. There is no headache associated with it. Has anyone else ever had this occurance?

  • Crystal Fenton Apr 3, 2017

    I get them, but with no headaches, What’s that mean?

  • SHONA SAUNDERS Apr 16, 2017

    I usee to think i was psychic or something. It was more fun than tge truth.. Auras. Ive had them since i suffered pre eclampsia with my first child 10 years ago. I see stars, swirls, balls of light, colored orbs, and sometimes, a complete “white tear” in my vision. My new dr has me trying trokendi bc lately the eye twitching and headaches that accompany the disturbances have been annoying and i am unhappily overweight as well. Im hoping to restrict my appetite

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