Butterbur becomes respectable

A herb for migraine is gaining new respect in the scientific world, thanks to a recent study.  That herb is an extract of petasites hybridus root, commonly known as butterbur.  Butterbur has been around for a while, but the research for migraine has been weak.  Dr Richard B. Lipton from the Einstein College of Medicine in New York reported in a news release the results of a clinical trial using butterbur on migraine patients.  The best results were with a dosage of 75mg twice a day using butterbur extract pills.  The frequency of migraine was said to be 48% less in patients taking the extract.  The main side effect was burping.

Previous studies of butterbur suggest that it may work as an anti-inflammatory, and as a help for seasonal allergies.  Whether or not one of these properties is helping migraine patients, it does seem that butterbur is an herb to keep on your list to try for migraine prevention.  It is suggested that you use extract from a commercial source, from a company you trust.

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