DosePro: toward needle-free injections

A world where you can inject yourself without a needle?  Well, we’re one step closer.

I’ve injected myself with medication – maybe you have too.  There are few things worse, in my opinion, than asking someone with a migraine attack to poke something sharp into her/his skin.  But the technology is progressing through the system – technology which will get the medication where it’s needed fast – no need to put anything in your mouth, no need to shove something up your nose, no need to put a needle in your skin.

I first wrote about Intraject back in 2004.  Since then there has been a merging of companies and a renaming of the product.  The company is Zogenix, and the product is now called DosePro.


Sumatriptan DosePro is the specific product which is now moving through the system in the USA.  The product now has an official application with the FDA, and it will be reviewed (all going well) later this year.  It will be marketed for both cluster and migraine.  Sumatriptan is, of course, a common migraine-fighter, a triptan, marketed as Imigran and Imitrex.

Administered to the thigh or abdomen, it only takes a tenth of a second.  Tests so far indicate it’s every bit as good at fighting an attack as an injection.  But, as we all know – the less pain the better!

More on the recent application of Sumatriptan DosePro here.

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  • Kim Philps Oct 28, 2010

    Is DosePro available in Canada?

  • Sharon Jun 20, 2011

    The V.A. has given me butalbital which I’ve stopped using because it tears my stomach up. I frankly prefer needles IN THE FORM OF ACUPUNCTURE. I had acupuncture last summer and my migraines stopped for a whole 7 months. There was NO PAIN FROM THE NEEDLES. You cant feel acupuncture needles even being inserted or removed.

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