Easy injections and needle-free injections

Progress is being made to make needle-free injections widely available.  The DosePro needle free system is one of these.  Zogenix plans to launch SUMAVEL DosePro in January (2010), a needle free sumatriptan injection.

Certain studies have suggested that taking your abortive medication earlier during your migraine attack is critical.  But the fact remains, if you’re going to take the medicine, the sooner it gets into your system the better.

An injection allows you to get the relief that the medicine offers within minutes.  And the DosePro system is very easy and quick.

You may notice, however, that whatever the inference may be, this system is not being marketed as "pain-free".  Yes, it still hurts.  Though it may have advantages over a needle injection, being painless isn’t one of those advantages.

Some patients aren’t aware that there are now very easy needle injections out there as well.  Even needle injections have come a long way since the days of one big needle, careful handling, and all the other horrors you may imagine.

Patients can use a simple pen like device to give themselves a quick injection, and they may find faster, more effective relief over the oral medicine.

More on the upcoming release of SUMAVEL DosePro
Thoughts from Dr. Alexander Mauskop on injections

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  • Diana Lee Nov 10, 2009

    This is an important issue! I’m so glad you are talking about it, James. I know the idea of giving oneself a shot is intimidating, but the Imitrex StatDose is now available in generic and while painful, is a wonderful option for the episodic migraineur. No need to worry about keeping medication down or waiting for it to be processed by the body.

  • Laura Nov 10, 2009

    I wonder how different the needle-free version is?

    I occasionally use Imitrex StatDose, but it has a major downside—within 30 seconds of being injected, I get a huge wave of nausea and vomit until my stomach is empty (and beyond). Right now, Imitrex Nasal Spray is way better for a non-oral abortive med for me, even if it’s not quite as effective as the injection.

  • Aurora Nov 12, 2009

    Uh-oh, I’m out of injections, needle or needle-free. Had the very rare side effects like Raynaud’s phenomenon, seizures and tremors and the walls seemed like a checkerboard. I went into detox for 10 days and had all of the classic withdrawal symptoms; had a headache during those 10 days and a humongous attack 2 days ago. I finally took my abortive medicine and it worked as it should! The next day I was bubbly and active. But it didn’t last, so I’m back in my dark room again—at least with a mild attack—and can make dinner or clean house. That’s all I wish for, to do something else that being sick.
    P:S: I am still taking the magnesium tablets, James. Be safe.

  • James Nov 17, 2009

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Diana Lee, Laura and Aurora. It’s interesting that you notice such a difference, Laura, between the nasal spray and StatDose – but a good reminder that “little” differences can matter.

    All triptans, and all variations, are not created equal!

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