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  1. Nicole Wilson
    7 January 2013

    I often get blood shot eyes on the inside (towards the bridge of my nose) before and/or after a migraine, but doesn’t happen every time.

  2. inquisitivespirit
    8 January 2013

    The tip is good and to the point, but I have just got to comment about the picture. Really scared me when it first popped up. Something about the contrast between the dark colour of most of the image and the bright red of the eye reminds me of a picture of a character off a vampire movie. Was not expecting it at all.
    But, yeah, the idea of a quick tip feature is a good one. Would be really useful.

    • James
      8 January 2013

      Yes, it is a little startling, isn’t it? I’ll try to keep the next one vampire-free. ;)

  3. Joni Walker-Seier
    12 January 2013

    I call them getting my “martian eyes.”

  4. Aurora
    1 February 2013

    I have a bloodshot left eye right now as I am writing (like that of Nicole, the first commenter). The left side of my neck feels stiff and my left hand has some tingling feeling…Ah, there comes the headache. I’ll be in my dark room.

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