Grape Seed Extract – Next for Migraine?

Could grape seed extract be the next big supplement used to combat migraine?  Researchers at the Missouri State University think it may be.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract has been researched heavily in the last few months.  It shows a lot of promise in areas such as fighting hyperglycemia and its antioxidant properties.

This was another trial on rats.  Some were fed regular water, others water with grape seed extract.  Otherwise, their diet was normal.

The results showed that the grape seed extract helped to fight inflammation, and suppressed reaction which seem to stimulate "central sensitization" – a key part of the migraine chain-reaction.

The researchers felt that the evidence was strong for the trial of grape seed extract (GSE) in migraine patients.  They write:

Based on our findings, we predict that inclusion of GSE as a dietary supplement would be beneficial as a natural therapeutic option for chronic migraine as well as other chronic pain conditions involving the head and face.

The report was given at the 52nd Annual Meeting of the American Headache Society last month.

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