Headache friendly communities?

Church barriers?

When you go to church, or to a synagogue, or any place where there’s a community of people that you would expect would be supportive, do you find it to be a welcoming place, or a headache sufferer’s nightmare?  Is it easy to be a part of what’s going on, or are there barriers?  Recently Rest Ministries asked people with chronic illness how their churches specifically could do a better job.  They got 8000+ answers, and recently posted the top 20.  Many of these will apply to any kind of community of faith or support group.  For example:

  • Send encouragement emails
  • Ask volunteers to call people with chronic illness just to check on them when they don’t make it to services.
  • Offer me ways to serve within the church that can be performed regularly, but not on a set schedule.  I still want to contribute, but I need some flexibility so that I can do a job when I feel well enough to do so.
  • Just talk about chronic illness! Mention it in sermons as one of the challenges many people face just like unemployment.
  • Have Christian volunteers from church that will clean house for small fee.  Some have offered to clean my house, but I cannot accept charity yet, but neither can I afford to pay a regular house cleaning service.
  • Help even a fraction with the cost of encouraging books and resources for the church library for the chronically ill.

What would you suggest for the community you’re involved in?  How could they pull down barriers and even help you with your migraine and/or headache complicated life?

Read the full list at Chronic Illness and Pain Support.

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