Here is a method that is helping people remember to take their meds!

How do you remember to take your meds? Sticky notes? A nagging spouse?

MediSafeWell, maybe it’s time for you to move beyond those old tactics to a new and very popular method – MediSafe.

I’ll let the video below explain the details, but in short MediSafe is an app that helps you remember to take your medication.

Sound boring? Actually, MediSafe is a clever little product – and a free one, I might add. And it has been quite a boon to tens of thousands of people who need to take medication on time – but want to live life instead of obsessing about hours and dosages.

And that’s not all – you can add information about refills, connect with your doctor – and there’s more coming. The MediSafe team is working on a way to connect using only a touchtone phone. Which means MediSafe will be accessible for those who don’t even have a smart phone (and don’t want one!). And MediSafe can now even track some biometrics, such as blood pressure (using WiFi enabled blood pressure cuffs), to show you the benefits of remembering.

And there’s even more – but I’ll let you check it out for yourself. 🙂

So throw away those sticky notes (but keep the spouse, if you have one)!  Learn more and get the free app at the MediSafe website.

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