Keeping track of medications

The Mayo Clinic has an excellent health newsletter called HealthQuest.  It contains some very practical tips for medications, various common conditions, and simple healthy living and eating tips.  I thought that their tips for a medication log would be helpful to many readers here.

Keeping track of pills

When you’re taking multiple medications (and I include herbal remedies and other supplements), sometimes it’s hard to remember what the differences are – when you should take them, when they expire, and so on.  This can get especially tricky if you have an upset in your schedule.  To make a medication log, the newsletter suggested that you make a chart with these headings:
* Name of medication
* Prescribed by (name of doctor)
* Date prescription filled
* Expiry date
* What it’s for
* How long it should be taken
* Dosage (how much, when, how many times a day)
* How to take it (with food? empty stomach?)
List of medications that caused an allergic reaction or other side effects (If I understand correctly, this would be a separate list)

I would add that you should also keep track of common interactions.  For example, if you shouldn’t take this herb along with aspirin, or if you should avoid alcohol.  This list will also help others help you in case of emergency.

The Mayo Clinic also has email newsletters, such as the Mayo Clinic Health Letter and the Mayo Clinic Women’s Health Source.

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