Last change – LipiGesic-M

So for our next giveaway (which is next week!) we’re going to have a better system so that I can get in touch with people.  I still haven’t heard from everyone who won the LipiGesic-M.

So this is your last call!  Contact me by the end of the weekend with your address and phone number, and you’ll get your prize.

If I don’t hear by anyone by the end of the weekend – well, you’re too late!

If you’re a previous winner who I haven’t heard from yet, you can contact me too.  If I don’t hear from these people, you’re next on the list.

  • Rosemary Payne
  • Carol Ann Hughes
  • Margaret Luebbert

If you’d like to know more about LipiGesic-M, read here!

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