Migraine Specialist in San Francisco?

I have a crazy idea.  Let me know what you think.

There are a lot of people out there looking for migraine specialists in a specific geographical area.  Now I’m not necessarily going to start up a database of migraine specialists around the world.  However, I wouldn’t mind hitting some that people are most interested in.

So here’s my idea.  For a certain time – say, 2-3 weeks, I would ask for your advice.  Who is the best migraine specialist in [a certain area]?  Where is the best clinic?

Once the results were tallied, I would upload a page with accurate information about that particular doctor/clinic (I might even include 2 or 3 if I get a lot of responses), and then we’d move on to another one.

So let’s give it a try, and see what happens, shall we?  In order to give your advice, you can contact me on Twitter, Facebook, Email, or leave a comment at this post on the blog.  I’ll give it two or three weeks and see what happens.

The first location we’re looking for?

The City and County of San Francisco, California, USA
(or something nearby)

Remember, it could be a regular doctor who’s really good with migraine patients, or a clinic, or a specialist – wherever you would recommend people go for quality all-around migraine treatment.

San Francisco - migraine treatment?

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  • Abby Jun 25, 2012

    Dr. Gilbert at the Kaiser Chronic Pain Clinic. He’s great!

  • Linda P Jun 26, 2012

    Love this idea. Please include Phoenix.

  • Felicia Gonzales Jul 5, 2012

    Dr. Gilbert @ “WHAT” Kaiser Pain Clininic in the San Francisco area? Im in Hayward.

    • AC Aug 22, 2012

      Dr. Gilbert is part of the Chronic Pain Department in San Francisco – the Kaiser French Campus at 4141 Geary Blvd. If you want to schedule an eval, you’ll need to be referred by your regular doctor. Dr. Gilbert is the one who handles the biofeedback and behavioral side of treatment. Dr. Mikeladze handles the medical side of treatment. It’s easier to look up Mikeladze in the KP directory.

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