More migraine attacks, less support

The workplace

On a regular basis those studies come out that anyone with a chronic illness can relate to.  You say,”Yes – exactly!” even though you haven’t really thought specifically about it before.

Such is the case with an internet survey throughout Australia.  Here’s a summary of the results…

Most people with migraine felt supported by family and friends (64% – not exactly a high percentage, considering these are the people closest to you!).  However, when it came to the workplace, only 29% felt supported by coworkers, and 26% by managers.

So far, no big surprises.  I’m very sorry to see that managers are so nonsupporting – they should outrank the coworkers and be champions of their employees – for the sake of the people, the workplace and the business.  But here’s the worst finding of all:  The more attacks people had, and the more frequent those attacks were, the less support they felt they had!

I know, once again no big surprise.  But non-sufferers need to realize the severity of the problem.  That coworker that is away with a “headache” (migraine is not a headache, folks) is suffering from pain that many people (people that have experienced both) have compared to a root canal, a broken bone, or giving birth.  And when those people drag themselves to work the next day, they’re not neccessarily fully recovered.

Read more details of the migraine study in The Australian.

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